1/8 Colleague Gifts Are Unwanted, 25% Possibly Regifted
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1/8 Colleague Gifts Are Unwanted, 25% Possibly Regifted

1/8 Colleague Gifts Are Unwanted, 25% Possibly Regifted. Hello everyone, I hope you are well. In today’s post, I will be sharing a press release on the Secret Santa unwrapped from the Works. Did you know? Around one in eight colleagues’ gifts were unwanted, while around a quarter received could have been regifted! With work Christmas parties coming thick and fast, a new study from The Works has uncovered how many Secret Santa gifts will likely have been regifted. The study, produced by The Works, found that around 40% of the nation are regifters, with colleagues among the most likely to receive an unwanted gift from and most likely to pass on those to!

1/8 Colleague Gifts Are Unwanted, 25% Possibly Regifted

So, as presents are opened in your office over the coming weeks, it’s expected that around a quarter of those gifts will have been rewrapped and passed on, with health and beauty products, alcohol, clothing and books among the most common.

Women and those over the age of 45 are most likely to be bringing a whole new meaning to the term “Secret Santa”, while it’s especially prominent in Scotland, with 30% of regifted presents going to colleagues.

I’ve attached a press release below, and the complete study can be found at https://www.theworks.co.uk/theworks-blog/christmas-ideas/the-season-for-regifting.html.

If you’d like any further information or the complete data set, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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1/8 Colleague Gifts Are Unwanted, 25% Possibly Regifted

  • 23% of presents that are regifted are passed on to colleagues
  • Around one in eight gifts from colleagues are unwanted by the receiver
  • Health and beauty products, alcohol and clothing are among the most unwanted gifts.

According to a new study, around a quarter of regifted presents are handed to colleagues, meaning the Secret Santa present you’re about to unwrap may hold an altogether different secret.

Yes, rather than a “secret” colleague, the gift you receive could be from colleagues, friends, aunts, siblings or, if you get your hands on a snazzy new pair of socks, grandparents.

The study, commissioned by The Works, explores the trends behind regifting, uncovering that around 40% of us indeed forward on our unwanted gifts.

Women are almost 20% more likely to regift than men, while they’re also 6% more likely to regift to colleagues. At the same time, it’s the over-45s you most want to look out for, with 30% of regifted items from them going to others in the office.

We’re most likely to receive unwanted gifts from friends, with around one in six coming from them, with colleagues second most likely at 13%, so in a large company, that’s a lot!

But what are among the most unwanted gifts we should avoid when it comes to our Secret Santas?

Health and beauty products are the most unwanted gifts, with 14% of regifters likely to rewrap such items, while alcohol (12%) and clothing (9%) also commonly regifted. Elsewhere, books, candles and kitchenware are also passed on frequently.

You can view the complete study at https://www.theworks.co.uk/theworks-blog/christmas-ideas/the-season-for-regifting.html.

Those Most Likely to Regift to Colleagues:

CategoryPercentage Regifted to Colleagues
Most likely by Region
Greater London26.3%
East Midlands26.1%

In conclusion, the study conducted by The Works reveals that regifting is a common practice among people, with around 40% of respondents admitting to it. The study also highlights that colleagues are most likely to receive unwanted gifts and that health and beauty products, alcohol, and clothing are among the most commonly regifted items. While Secret Santa can be a fun tradition, it’s essential to be mindful of the gifts we give and receive to avoid adding to the pile of unwanted regifted items.

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About The Works

The Works surveyed 2,000 people across the UK, asking questions about gifting, sentiment around it, who they are most likely to receive unwanted gifts from and who they’re most likely to give them to. The survey was undertaken in October 2023.

Web: www.theworks.co.uk 

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