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10 Lockdown Activities to Inspire Creativity

10 Lockdown activities to inspire creativity. Hey everyone, I hope you are well. In today’s post, I will be sharing 10 Lockdown Activities to inspire creativity. Font Bundles sponsor this post. Font Bundles provides a variety of font designs and styles. Perfect for any fonts creativities. Whether it is Branding, Quotes, or even tattoo lettering fonts. Anything that has to do with Fonts, they have it. Design can be anything from Fancy, Gothic, Monogram, etc. Best of all, they are affordable.

Have you noticed that Fonts design are also crucial to any piece of writing? Whether it is blogging, poems, stories, quotes, the list goes on. People have different things they look for in a product. Some people are attracted to the colour used in the background of a book. Some people are interested in the pictures. And some people may prefer to pay attention to the design of the Fonts used.

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10 Lockdown Activities to Inspire Creativity


You may not know this, but before you start decluttering, you already have creatives ideas of how you’d like the area to look. Decluttering helps remove all unwanted items and create space for new ideas. For example, you can use an old t-shirt to cut out some Fonts designs for your projects.


Drawing is becoming more popular nowadays and especially during Lockdown. Just the same way I love writing, some people prefer to draw. Using different fonts and objects can help create a masterpiece.

Movies Titles

When you watch movies, you will sometimes pick on creative ideas to write about if you pay attention to specific details. For example, when you look at the font design on a horror movie you’ll notice that it may have some tattoo lettering font designed on it. I notice that I’m watching a movie, there are some things that are said, and I find them interesting. There are even some creative tattoo lettering fonts that you may notice at the beginning of the movie. I would then do some research and then write about it on my blog.


You will need some entertainment while on Lockdown. So why not get creative with music too. For example, you can experiment with some of your kitchen equipment or any household objects to be creative with music too.


Having a walk at the park or by the sea helps create peace of mind, and sometimes it can also be beneficial to inspire creativity. Whether you are walking or cycling, or driving, you are also clearing your mind and thinking of creative ways to solve a problem or what your next project will be.

Playing with the kids

My daughter is very active with her playtime. Sometimes when she’s playing, I watch her and wondered how she could be creative as she plays with her toys. Playing with her makes me more creative as we play. I wish I can draw her playing. It would be a beautiful picture.


Reading helps build up the imagination. You may also notice that the type of fonts could draw your attention to the book. Even if you are so interested but the fonts can it easier to read the book. Sometimes, when I read, I will like to visualise myself in the story, which helps me be creative with my writing.

Social Media

Social Media is a playground for creators. Browsing through all social media accounts will help to inspire creativity. Using media like Pinterest and Instagram, you will meet and see what others are doing and bring your imagination to life. You would also be able to explore different tattoo lettering font that you may like to even use a tattoo.

Vision Board

So that you know just because you are in Lockdown doesn’t mean the world has ended. Creating a vision board during the Lockdown will help you be excited about and stay positive. It also helps to inspire creativity because you are using different materials while creating a vision board. You may also use Font Bundles for some creative fonts that match your personality.


What I love the most about writing because the more you write, the more words keep coming through in your mind. Even as a beginner, you can write a poem by expressing how you feel at a particular moment.

There you have 10 Lockdown activities to inspire creativity. There are many more ways you can do to inspire creativity. No one wants a Lockdown, but it would be best to notice the creative ideas if you had a clear mindset.

I hope you enjoyed that.

Talk soon.

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