2019 Summer Bucket List

Hey guys, Summer 2019 is almost here and today I have put together a 2019 Summer Bucket List. I managed to come up with 10 things of which I will or plan to do during the long 6 weeks break. After 2 years of hard work, juggling between motherhood, studies and working, I feel I deserve a really good summer break. We all do.

Where’s the party at, Sonia?

So let’s jump right into it. I am going to my hometown Nigeria for the first 3 weeks of Summer in July. I CAN NOT WAIT.  This is the first time being back home since 2008 – 11 years ago. I believe so much has changed since then, and I cannot wait to meet my family and friends. It’s Sasha-Ann’s first time in Nigeria too. I am happy that she’s able to visit her family members from home. Boy, she’s gonna have the time of her life. She’ll be treated like a princess. I just hope the hot weather does not get too much on her.

One thing I am looking forward to is to go out and eat all the delicious Nigerian dishes. Although there are Nigerian dishes everywhere, nothing tastes better than Homemade dishes. Oh, I ain’t watching my weight with this one. This summer, I don’t care how FAT I get, I am just gonna wake up, eat, sleep on a repeat and I am going to eat anything and everything.

I will also be vlogging everything in Nigeria. So if you’re not subscribed to my YouTube Channel, go subscribe now and hit the little bell icon, to get notifications of when I upload a vlog.

Back to the post. These lists are things I would be doing when I get back to from Nigeria. That’s if the weather behaves itself. Regardless of the weather, I owe it to myself to go Wild this summer and this goes out to everyone as well.

Here are my 2019 Summer Bucket Lists:

  1. Spend a day at a local forrest –  Take a stroll in the forest, and breath in the fresh air and pine scents
  2. Visit an Outdoor Pool – This is something I will definitely be doing in Nigeria, but if it’s a sunny day in Scotland, I’d be by the poolside.
  3. Go berry picking – I have not tried berry picking before, so this is definitely on my list. Sasha-Ann will love it.
  4. Spend a day being a tourist in your city – Aberdeen is a tourist city, believe it or not. There are some areas in the city that I have not explored. So it will nice to visit other areas and communities.
  5. Plan a weekend trip – If you don’t know it by now, I am a very adventurous person. I love travelling a lot. I always try to find a way to travel somewhere new even if its for a whole day or couple hours.  However, I have had a lot of fears of travelling with Sasha-Ann due to the scary things you hear on the news about kidnaps etc, but this year I’m gonna go for it.
  6. Visit theme parks – Spending a family fun day out in the theme park is a great way to enjoy summertime.
  7. Have a Girls night out – Initially, I was gonna plan a girl’s night out in London, to see Magic Mike Live, However, there’s no summer event this year. So we gonna try to plan something else for a girls night out.
  8. Take my Driving Theory Test – As Dull as this sounds, I would like to take the theory test, just to get it over and done with. For years, I’ve always spoken about driving, since I was 15. It was one of my dreams to have a car as my ‘Sweet Sixteen’ present, unfortunately, that ever happened.
  9. Take a Summer Class – I have always wanted to try a make-up class and a jewellery making class.
  10. Visit a Historical site – At college, we were working on a project about Scotland. As I was researching, it amazed me how little I know about the country despite living here since I was 5 years old. The country has beautiful landmarks that I’m now desperate to see with my own eyes.

Last But Not Least

The perfect way to end an adventurous summertime is having a BBQ party. My family and I love hosting BBQs and this year will be no different.

And there you have it. My 2019 Summer BucketList. I hope you guys enjoyed it and are as excited as I am for the summer. Remember to watch out for the Nigerian vlogs. and Check out my social media for all updates. Share your summertime bucket list with me, I would love to see what you come up with.

Whatever you do, remember you only live once.

So be happy, be safe and enjoy the sunshine (if you get one).

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