My Dream Job

Most people would hate sitting in a office everyday, 9am – 5pm. However, that is my dream job. That is why I am studying Administration.

I would love to wake up in morning, drop my daughter to school then head to the office. Sorting out paperwork, replying emails, organising events, contacting customers, partners etc Oh My God. Like this is my dream job.

Unfortunately this hasn’t come true yet, but I am working hard to turn it to reality. Guess what? Nothing is stopping me. I will not let it. I am aiming at 2019!!!

When The Futre Speaks

One day, I will be a Designer! I will run my own company that designs and produce everything. From Fashion to Home ware to Buildings. I am a creative person and when I want to create something, I like to take my time. That could be the whole day, a week or 6 months. I will not rest until the product is finish. A lot of people are not aware of my talent because I hide it as I feel they will not understand it.

When I am in my own space, my own world, nothing relaxes me than picking up a paper and pen to write or draw out my visions and what’s on my mind. I remember growing up, when I was asked ‘What do you want to be when you grow up?’ I always reply, ‘I want to be a fashion designer’.

I don’t know how this will happen but that is my plan. My company will be based in America (that’s where I want to move to). I will have 20 team members working together. 10 designers and 10 producers. We will start off with producing our designs and distributing it to retailers. As things progress we will progress through to selling our own deigns in our store.

Not too bad, you agree?

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