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Hey guys, with the holidays coming up, we will all be on the lookout for a nice less expensive holiday. A holiday won’t be a holiday without a great rest in a high-quality hotel, would it?

In this post, I will be sharing about one of my favourite hotel that I always use whenever I travel within the U.K. The hotel is called Travelodge.


Travelodge is a budget hotel brand which operates over 560 hotels in the UK, Ireland and Spain. Each room has been upgraded with a comfy king-sized Travelodge Dreamer bed. The hotel locations are based in city centres, airport, next major routes, seasides and country locations.

With a starting price range of £29 plus kids stay and eat free, this hotel is the perfect option for a nice weekend away within the U.K or Abroad.

Why I love this brand?

Whenever I want to plan a holiday and looking for an affordable hotel – Travelodge is the first that comes into my mind. This is because most of its hotels are in city centres and in big cities in the U.K, such as Manchester, London and Glasgow. They have excellent customer services and my dates are always available. The flexibility to cancel, change or add services to my booking is also available.

With Travelodge, you will get a perfect kingsize room and the option for a  single bed and 2 twin beds. A family room (depending on your preference), either a twin bed or Kingsize bed to fit the family. If you need any extras, such as a cot for a baby, it will be provided for you too.

Go check out Travelodge.



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