Calling all blog readers, I know what you must be wondering what is this woman up to now. Well, I have found a great site where you can search and read other blogs that may interest you. Check out – Bloglovin

What is Bloglovin?

Bloglovin is a Social network for blog readers. If you like to spend a couple of hours of the day reading blogs, then this website is perfect for you. If you are love reading blogs and want to explore new blogs globally, Bloglovin is the place to be.

Why Bloglovin?

In Bloglovin, there are over 100,000s blogs to choose from that will bring you joy, such as lifestyle, beauty, food, fashion the list goes on. If you are a blogger or new to blogging, or want to start blogging, and want to connect with other bloggers around the globe. This is the perfect place to connect.

Easy To Use

Yes, it is very straight forward.  All you got to do is to head over to and then search for a blogger name using their name (as you know them by) or the niche you are interested in and browse through the website, just like Google. I You can also follow each bloggers too, just like social media.

I only just found the website and I am Bloglovin-ing everything about it.

Check it out and don’t forget to follow me.


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