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2020 Is My Year Of Perfection

2020 Is My Year Of Perfection. Happy New Year, Happy New Decade, Happy New Everything. Finally, we are here guys, we made it. All the excitement, preparations, parties after parties. It all leads to a brand new decade. I hope every day had an amazing New Year Eve’s. Let me know what you got up to in the comments below. I want to know every little juicy detail.

Guess what I did? I went to church! It was not planned at all. A quick very last minute decision. We were actually just sitting at home, getting ready for bed and then Bom! At 10:30 PM, I decided to get Sasha and I ready and head to church.

2020 Is My Year Of Perfection

I go to Christ Embassy Church. A very popular church that is known all the globe. I am very proud of myself to start the new year, the right way. The message I received from our pastor, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, was very meaningful to me and the things I have planned for this year. I know what you thinking, ‘Oh no, she’s going to preach again’. Well, I have a few challenges that I think will help us both throughout 2020:

First Challenge

  • The first Challenge is Freedom. The desire to be free.
  • When you are free, you become responsible.
  • Freedom is Responsibility.
  • Freedom is 100% possible.

Second Challenge

  • The second Challenge is Excellence
  • Freedom is not enough
  • Put some value to your life
  • Learn something New
  • Train your life with something
  • Train yourself with something
  • Can you get better?
  • Become a helper

Third Challenge

  • The Challenge of opportunity
  • The needs of others are your opportunity
  • There’s a need that has to be met.
  • The suffering of people around you is your opportunity
  • Be a Doer
  • If you have any new idea and want to propose it, don’t propose. Just Do It.

I hope you have taken down some notes. I know I will take on most of these for the year, I feel I need to do better and be better for the sake of my daughter and I future. Yes, I have everything set out for me perfectly, you know, a new job and a new apartment. Now its time to make sure that I don’t repeat the same mistakes that I did in the last decade.

Happy New Year

I Wish You All The Best!

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