A Single Mum Special Christmas

A Single Mum Special Christmas

A Single Mum Special Christmas. Hello everyone, I hope you are well. In today’s post, I will share a particular Christmas post dedicated to all Single mums. Christmas time is an extraordinary occasion where no matter where you are in the world, we all celebrate one way or another. However, it can be a very emotional season for some families with no support.

A Single Mum Special Christmas

A time to celebrate with family and friends, give back and reflect on how wonderful the year has been. It is also a very emotional time for single parents; as much as we love seeing how happy our kids are when opening their presents – there’s one thing we always have a little guilty about – not having a ‘perfect’ little family, which includes the other parent.

Single moms, I say it repeatedly – we are the strongest human beings on earth. We put a lot of pressure on ourselves to create the ‘Perfect Christmas’. I want to remind you all that nothing is perfect. Also, being single parents does not mean we can not have a ‘perfect’ Christmas either. It depends on your definition of ‘The Perfect Christmas’.

The Perfect Christmas

The perfect Christmas depends on what you want it to be. Yes, it’s all about family, but if you are a single mother far away from your family or your family doesn’t get along, how is it perfect? Well, the answer to that is it’s up to you because it doesn’t matter your situation. It can still is excellent.

If you feel guilty for not having any or little presents under the Christmas Tree, don’t because you give your kids everything they need to be happy every day. It must be hard for those who don’t have money for a nice Christmas dinner.

Looking into my own life, if it weren’t for my mum, who is hosting Dinner tomorrow, I’d be unfortunate. As it’s the tradition t grew up with, I have no other way to celebrate it. With that being said, the recent post, Last Christmas – A Christmas Reflection, clearly shows that I have been in a situation where my family and I were not on good terms, and I decided not to go over for Dinner and just stayed at home with my daughter.

Christmas is not all about presents. It’s about families, no matter how big or small, coming together and celebrating nothing but true happiness, love and peace. It’s up to you to decide how you will honour it. For one day only, I advise you to let go, be the adult, and enjoy yourselves.

A Single Mum Special Christmas

To the mum with two presents under the tree- you’re a great mum.

To the mum with 30 presents under the tree- you’re a great mum.

To the mum with no presents under the tree- you’re a great mum.

To the mum that has no tree- you’re a great mum.

To the mum that had to ask for donations this year- you’re a great mum.

To the mum in line at the Salvation Army- you’re a great mom.

To the mum that has everything wrapped- you’re a great mum.

To the mum that hasn’t shopped yet- you’re a great mum.

To the mum that can’t do anything this year- you’re a great mum.

To the grieving mother ready for the season to pass- you’re a great mum.

To the newly single mum that cries at the thought of Christmas morning- you’re a great mum.

To the mum that forgets to move the elf every night- you’re a great mom.

To the mum barely holding it together- you’re a great mum.

This season does not define how great of a parent you are.

Remember that.


From My Family to Yours, Merry Christmas

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  • Myopenpassport

    It is hard to be different during the holidays. You always see this perfect family in the media. As a child of divorced parents- traversing the holidays between the two is hard. To make it harder, none of us live in the same state/country.

    • yasinta

      Thank you Sonia. I am not a mum but I feel it dedicated to my mum, she’s a single mum and Christmas is also her birthday. So I feel it as a very special day to me too.

  • Jessica

    Couldn’t agree more! Sending love to all the mamas and especially mamas that are doing it all! You are enough! And exactly what your kids need. Thanks for your post offering encouragement to those feeling doubt this season.

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