All About My C-Section Delivery
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All About My C-Section Delivery

All About My C-Section Delivery. Hey Guys, welcome to another storytime. My daughter, Sasha-Ann, who will soon turn five years old, was born via caesarean section, and I will be sharing a Storytime about the delivery via caesarean section in today’s post. The passage of time is a mystery. What on earth is going on with her? She is already five years old. An emergency caesarean section was performed to deliver Sasha-Ann.

On the other hand, because of my health condition, I was always aware that it would be a caesarean section. Bear in mind that I was just 23 years old at the time of this pregnancy, which was my very first pregnancy ever. When it came to pregnancy, I had very little knowledge; I was following instructions.

All About My C-Section Delivery

A Delivery Via C-Section

The delivery of newborns through a Caesarean section, also known as a C-section, is a surgical technique that is performed in situations where a natural birth would be difficult or would offer hazards to either the mother or the child. A C-section is a surgical procedure that involves making an incision in the mother’s belly and uterus to bring the baby into the world in a carefree manner.

It is usual practice to carry out this treatment if complications emerge during pregnancy. These complications may include breech placement, placenta problems, or worries over the health of the infant. It is also possible for the mother to plan it for personal or medical reasons simultaneously.

Before the operation, the mother is given anaesthetic to ensure that she does not experience any discomfort. A small incision is then made by the surgeon, typically in a horizontal direction just above the pubic hairline, and another incision is made in the uterus next. It is then carefully sewed up after the incisions have been made, and the baby is delicately taken out.

C-sections are a frequent and safe method of giving birth, yet, they require a more extended period of recuperation time compared to vaginal births. On the other hand, they significantly guarantee mothers’ and newborns’ health and well-being in situations where a conventional delivery might not be the most secure alternative.

In The Third Trimester

I was at my parents’ house for most of the pregnancy and lived with them at their home for the final trimester. For a few days before the delivery of my child, I had been experiencing cramping pain, having trouble sleeping, and feeling extremely hungry and exhausted. Since this is the final trimester of my pregnancy, it is only natural that there will be some changes. Because my due date was two weeks away, I did not believe I was experiencing any contractions then.

The Contractions

2014, on February 6th, I was walking home from an appointment I had scheduled. My parents lived near the hospital, approximately ten minutes behind our house. Instantaneously, I was struck with severe pain, and I began to contemplate whether or not I should return to the hospital or go directly home. I went to the paediatric hospital. Afterwards, I went to the hospital and informed the receptionist, who appeared concerned, “Hello, I don’t know what’s happening, but I know that something terrible is happening.” Although I am not scheduled to give birth for a few weeks, I have been experiencing this strange ache; I do not know what is going on.

The response from the receptionist was:

Someone will come and collect you, so sit down and rest for a moment.

I took a seat, pondering and feeling anxious. Insane things are flying through my head, such as, “Am I going to lose the baby?” What is going on? Rest easy, Sonia; everything will turn out just great. Do I need to give my folks a call? There is no need to be concerned about them; I trust everything will turn out okay. Suppose I pass away while delivering birth. Imagine that the infant passes away during birth. There was a plethora of irrational thoughts present.

The Baby’s Heart Beat

At long last, a nurse arrived to check on me and led me to a personal space. Her attempt to persuade me that everything would be okay was unsuccessful. As I waited for a midwife to evaluate my condition, I laid down on my bed and waited for her to arrive. When a midwife arrived, she immediately began asking some questions. She glanced at the heart monitor attached to the infant and then remarked, “I will be back; try not to worry.”

At this time, I was completely and utterly terrified. It felt like my head was going to burst. A simple question: I was curious about what was going on. What prompted her to flee in such a manner? I even began to cry and pray simultaneously. A nurse and a physician arrived around five minutes after the nurse’s initial arrival. Even though I was like, “Yeah, yeah, what’s going on?” I did not allow the doctor to identify himself or anything else. He went on to explain that the baby’s heartbeat was becoming less clear. At that moment, I was not joking; there was complete silence. I was trembling with fear. Having the baby delivered was the only way to save the baby’s life. My chest tightens up. As I was about to give delivery, I was by myself. I requested that the physician contact my mother.

The Delivery Room

My delivery room was a private suite in the basement, and they transported me there. The baby’s heartbeat was rechecked, and there was no improvement. So, we decided to go ahead and have an emergency caesarean section. Just as I was leaving, my mother entered the room with me. As a woman, I am strong, but my mother is the one who made me stronger. To numb me, the physicians administered several medications, and then they began the operation.

I was at peace while I was lying there; all I wanted was for my child to be alive and in good health at that moment. Before the procedure, I had read several articles that discussed how risky a caesarean section may be and how it can be potentially fatal for both the mother and the infant. The physicians instructed me to do what they said. Maintain your composure and take deep breaths. The birth of my daughter occurred around midnight. Sasha-Ann was so small that I was afraid she was born prematurely or that she was not even alive. I am aware of how immature I am.

The first time I held her, she was so tiny that I couldn’t believe it. Every single one of my concerns on how I would handle things, etc., vanished. Her teeny-tiny fingers and toes were moving in a controlled manner. My emotions were nothing but love. It was hard for me to realise that she was right here, all mine. For now, I am a mother.

I hope you enjoyed the storytime.

Talk to you soon.

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