All About My C-Section Delivery

All About My C-Section Delivery. Hey Guys, welcome to another storytime. This storytime is all about the birth of my daughter, Sasha-Ann who is soon to be 5 years old. Where has the time gone? How in the world is she 5 years old already? Sasha-Ann was birthed through an emergency C-Section. However, I always knew it would be a C-Section due to my poor health. Keep in mind that this was my first ever pregnancy and I was only 23 years old. I hardly knew anything about pregnancy, I was just doing as I was told.

All About My C-Section Delivery

Last Trimester

During my last trimester, I was living with my parents, in fact, most of the pregnancy journey I was at my parents’ house. A few days before her birth, I had been getting cramps pain, difficulty to sleep, feeling very hungry and so tired. Like of course there would be something different as it’s my last trimester. My due date was like 2 weeks away, so I did not think I was getting any contractions yet.


On the 6th of February 2014, I was walking home from an appointment. The hospital was not far from my parents, literally like 10 minutes behind our house. Suddenly, I got these sharp pain and I started debating whether to go back to the hospital or just go home. I went to the hospital.

So, I went the hospital, told the receptionist, looking so worried: ‘Hello, I don’t know what’s happening, but I know something is wrong, I am not due to give birth for a few weeks, but I have been getting these weird pain, I do not know what’s happening.’

The receptionist was like:

‘OK, just take a seat, relax, someone, will come and get you’

I sat down, thinking, worried. Crazy thought going to through my mind: ‘Am I losing the baby, what’s happening, Sonia relax, everything will be fine. Should I call my parents? No need to worry to them, I am sure everything will be fine. What if I die giving birth, what if the baby dies at birth. So much crazy thought was going on.

Baby’s heartbeat

Finally, a nurse came to see me and took me to a room. She tried to reassure me that everything will be okay. I lay down on my bed and waited for a midwife to come and check up on me. A midwife came and started asking some questions. She looked at the baby’s heart monitor, then she said, I will be back, try not to worry.

At this point, I freaked the hell out. My head was about to explode. I just wanted to know what was happening. Why did she run off like that? I even started to pray and cry. About 5 minutes, (5 long-ass minutes) later, the nurse came with a Doctor. I did not give the doctor a chance to introduce himself etc – I was like, yeah yeah, what’s going on? He explained that the baby’s heartbeat was fading. Right there and then, I am not kidding, everywhere went silent. I was so scared. The only way to save the baby was to give birth. My heart stops. I was alone, about to give birth. I asked the doctor to call my mum.

Delivery room

They took me to my delivery room, which was like in a basement, private suite. Checked the baby heartbeat again, no improvement. So, we agreed to an emergency C-section birth. My mum was in the room with me, just in time. I am a strong woman but with my mum there it made me stronger.  The doctors gave me some drug to numb me and started the operation.

While lying there, I was quite calm, all I wanted was for my child to be alive and healthy. I had read serval articles beforehand about how dangerous C-section can be – it can be life-threatening for both the mother and the baby.  I was just doing as I was told by the doctors. Stay Calm and Breathe. My daughter was born at midnight. Sasha-Ann was so tiny, I thought she was premature or not even alive. So silly of me, I know.

When I held her for the first time, she was so tiny. All the worries I had about how am I going to manage etc – disappeared. She was moving her tiny fingers, her tiny toes. I felt nothing but love. I just could not believe she’s here and all mines. I’m a mother now.

I hope you enjoy the storytime guys

Talk soon.

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