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All About Self-Care. Hey Guys, I hope you are well. This post is all about Self-Care. As women, we go through a lot. I mean – A LOT. It has become such an important topic and I want to share my point of view of the topic. As mothers, we make things look so easy, by almost ‘pretending’ to know exactly what we are doing when we really don’t have a clue. Think about it, we rush through in and out of the shower within 3 seconds, just in case, someone wants something. How mad is that? As well as loving others, it’s also important to love ourselves too.

All About Self-Care – What Is Self- Care?

Self-care is any activity that you do to take care of your mental, emotional and physical health. Basically, the things you do to uplift your mood and reduce anxiety, as well as having a good relationship with yourself and others around you.

Why Is Self-Care Important?

Single mothers are very busy multi-tasking in their everyday lifestyle. We forget about ourselves and sometimes we hardly think about what we are doing or what it is doing to our health. We just want to want to make sure the bills are paid on time, and we have food on the table. However, Self-Care is very important because it realises any negative energy and helps you relax. Don’t get me wrong, it can really get overwhelming and too much pressure that sometimes you’ll feel you can not breathe. Practising Self-Care every now and then helps refresh yourself and stay in control of things.

All About Self Care – How To Practice Self-Care?

You must understand there are a number of ways rather than one-way to practice self-care. This can be done on a daily basis, weekly, or monthly, whatever suit you best. You start today, tomorrow, whenever. Just let be a part of your routine.


  • Exercising – You do not need a gym membership, rather than driving or using public transport, try walking or have a run down the beach/parks every now and then. You can even take up a monthly challenge for yourself to achieve a certain goal. No matter how busy you are, make exercising a priority.


  • Socialising with loved ones. Everyone is busy nowadays, especially single mums. Ones you become a parent, you’ll find everyone just disappears. It doesn’t have to be like that. Plan monthly girls catch up with your girlfriends, or a simple phone call every now and then makes a difference.


  • Sel-Care starts with your mindset. If you are stress, everything little thing will cause emotional stress. If you are calm everything will be fine. I understand as single mums, we are stressed every day from morning to bedtime at night. This is because we do a lot of thinking and go over the same things over and over again in our mind. However, if you just take a step back and breathe, start with one thing at a time, and try not to think so negative about our selves, everything will be fine.


  • Being on a healthy diet is another way to practice good self-care. Thinking about Self-Care is all about being happy and feeling good about yourself. You also want to take care of your inner body as well. No, I am not talking about going from meat-lover to a vegetarian, I am talking about eating good quantity and good quality food. Rather than eating the same food for 2 – 3 days a week, try something new. It could be little like a bar chocolate cereals or a nice roast turkey, instead of chicken dinner.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Yes I know it’s very hard to think about ourselves as single mothers. But Self-Care is very important. During the summer, I will personally challenge myself to take care of myself properly and be happy. Our kids learn from us, everything we do and say, they see it all. Rather than spending time on Social media or chatting on your phone for hours and hours to ease the stress, try to come up with something adventurous. Whatever you do, remember Self-Care is the key to living a balanced life.

Do you have any tips for Self-Care? Please share.


  • Thuy

    My favorite metaphor about self-care is the low phone battery “you wouldn’t let this happen to your phone, so why let it happen to yourself?” I think self-care is crucial to ones entire well-being and it’s about resting and refreshing, but never quitting

  • Laurel | mommability

    I think it’s really smart to break self-care down into the categories you did. Self-care is definitely a holistic thing! You can’t just do one thing, and say that you’ve cared for yourself. Such a great reminder, thanks!

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