APPG Launches for Better Flexible Working for Families in the UK.
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APPG Launches For Better Flexible Working For Families In The UK

APPG Launches For Better Flexible Working For Families In The UK. Hello everyone, I hope you are well. In today’s post, I will be sharing a press release on the Launches For Better Flexible Working For Families In the UK by APPG. The All-Party Parliamentary Group on Flexible Working for Families promotes flexible and family-friendly work environments through policy shaping. They launched a new initiative on 6th February 2024, at the House of Commons in collaboration with Tulip Siddiq MP and Working Families. The group will be chaired by Tulip Siddiq MP and the Rt Hon Dame Maria Miller, with Working Families serving as the secretariat. The first meeting to discuss legislative changes and promote workplace flexibility is scheduled for March at The Houses of Parliament.

APPG Launches For Better Flexible Working For Families In The UK

The Flexible & Family Friendly Working All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) was launched in the House of Commons on the 6th of February 2024. The APPG will focus on championing flexible working policies that support families across the country to remove the barriers faced by people with caring responsibilities in the workplace. The group is jointly chaired by Tulip Siddiq, Labour MP for Hampstead & Kilburn, Shadow Economic Secretary to the Treasury (City Minister), and the Rt Hon Dame Maria Miller, Conservative MP for Basingstoke.

Rt Hon Dame Maria Miller said:

“Parents across the country struggle to balance family life with workplace pressures. I am delighted to Chair the APPG that will look at and support flagship policies on flexible working and shared parental leave to ensure workplaces across the UK are fit for the family of the 21st century.”

Tulip Siddiq, MP, said:

“I have long championed flexible working, including bringing in a Bill to improve employment rights and supporting Yasmin Qureshi’s Employment Relations (Flexible Working) Act, which comes into effect this year. This initiative is a crucial step towards promoting the benefits of flexible working and making positive steps towards removing barriers that parents and carers face in the workplace. I look forward to working collaboratively with my fellow officers and supporters of the APPG, including our secretariat Working Families, to drive positive change and champion flexible working practices that will benefit the workforce in my constituency and across the UK.”

Jane van Zyl, CEO of Working Families, said:

“We believe that flexible working is not just a benefit but a necessity for the modern workforce. This APPG will advocate for policies that empower families, support a better work-life balance, and contribute to a more inclusive and productive society.”

The inaugural meeting of the APPG is anticipated to take place in March at The Houses of Parliament. This marks the beginning of a concerted effort to drive legislative changes that promote flexibility in the workplace. Key stakeholders will be invited to attend, including policymakers and influencers dedicated to reshaping the future of work. The collaboration between Save The Children, Zurich, TLT, Wates, and SF Recruitment highlights the commitment of leading organisations to supporting and driving positive change in workplace practices. As a mix of Employer Members of Working Families and advocates for progressive employment policies, they are well-placed to contribute valuable insights and resources to the APPG’s mission.

“Save the Children is delighted to support the APPG on flexible working. When it’s done right, we know flexible working offers a triple dividend which benefits everyone. It makes life easier for parents and carers juggling work and caring commitments, boosts productivity for employers looking to recruit and retain talented workers and enables better outcomes for children who get to spend more quality time with their families.”

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About Working Families

Working Families is a charity on a mission to remove the barriers faced by people with caring responsibilities in the workplace. We provide free legal advice to parents and carers on their rights at work. We give employers the tools to support their employees while creating a flexible, high-performing workforce. And we advocate for the UK’s working parents and carers, influencing policy through campaigns informed by ground-breaking research.

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  • Clarice

    This is good news! For someone who enjoys flexible working arrangements, I can say that it is really helpful in finding the work-life balance without compromising our productivity in the workplace.

  • Marysa

    It is nice to hear about initiatives like this. As a parent, trying to navigate the world world and kids and school schedules is a recipe for being completely frazzled. Even now that my kids are in high school, I feel like all I do is run around from place to place. I would love to have more flexibility in my work schedule.

  • Gervin Khan

    Wow! This is definitely awesome news for everyone there having a work-life balance is very essential to any individual! An amazing initiative that the family will benefit from! Loved this kind of stuff!

  • Mila R

    It seems like a very worthwhile cause. I’m certain that this will assist numerous working families in leading better lives. This cause appears to be extremely valuable as it holds the potential to significantly improve the lives of working families. By contributing to this cause, you could make a difference in the lives of many and bring about a brighter future for those in need. It could help them lead a better life.

  • Rosey

    I think there are many situations where flexible working is such a good idea. Definitely where family is involved because day care costs are so expensive.

  • Luna S

    Sounds like a very useful program! It is crazy how hard it is for some families to juggle child care, working, etc. now a days. Anything to help lighten that burden is fantastic.

  • Kimberley Asante

    Your post about the launch of the APPG (All-Party Parliamentary Group) for better flexible working for families in the UK sheds light on an important initiative that aims to support working families. By providing information about the APPG’s goals and objectives, you’re raising awareness about the importance of flexible working arrangements for achieving a better work-life balance. This initiative has the potential to positively impact the lives of many families across the UK, and your coverage helps amplify its message. Keep up the excellent work in sharing news and insights that empower and inform your audience!

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