Best Life Advice I Have Received
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Best Life Advice I Have Received

That is the best life advice I have received. Hello everyone, I hope you are well. In today’s post, I will be sharing some of the best advice about life I have received. As you know, I have had many challenges growing up, but I have also learned so many lessons from these challenges. Moving on is the tricky part, but you have to try. And these are some pieces of advice I have been given, which helped me through it all.

Best Life Advice I have Received

Nothing Is Yours without Your Name on It

You will be surprised who gave me this advice, Chris from The Engagement That Changed My Life. Since he gave that advice, I have always used it in any decision. One day Chris was talking about the army. ”Nothing is yours without your name on it” He explained it doesn’t matter what people say. If your name is not labelled, it can be quickly taken away from you because it’s not yours.

I apply this to everything I do. It doesn’t matter what it is, whether friendship, a relationship or even a cinema ticket. You can ruin your charity unless the bond is strong. It can destroy your relationship unless they stop it. For example, You just bought a cinema ticket and dropped it. Somebody can pick it up and decide to use it as their own. You can do nothing about it except fight for it back. Even if you create a scene, the person can still claim it as their own.

Find A Partner Who Loves You More Than You Love Them

Women are quick to fall in love; that’s the truth. Men like to chill and have fun. My mum gave this advice when I started dating. When a man loves you, he will be willing to go to any length to make sure you are happy, and he is part of your happiness. If you love perfumes, your man will move mountains to make sure he gets you a collection of pheromones perfume. A woman will love you, regardless. Men take things; women give things.


Best Life Advice I have received

Express Your Anger Towards Your Success

I remember watching a motivational video on YouTube, I don’t know what the video was about, but it got me angry. I remember sitting down and thinking about everything I have been through and all the Nos I keep getting. Then this rage of anger came through to my head, and I just started Screaming. It was like I had had enough of playing it over and over again in mind, and I wanted to make changes. REAL changes. So I just applied for college, and two years after that, look at me now.

Remember Why You Started And Get Things Done

We reach a place where we feel like giving up when we start a journey of something. Remembering why you started will make you strive to complete it. When I was in college, my little girl was three years old, the lectures gave me a hard time, and I felt like giving up.’ What’s the point? You will never work in an office environment” But then I remembered that I wanted a good life for myself and my daughter. If I had given up back then, I probably would still have been stuck in the same or worse situation.

Everything In Life Is Temporary, So Live

We all have big dreams, and we want to be successful. However, none of these matters if you are not living. Just because you are focused on something does not mean you cannot have fun. I wanted to give it my all while working my first job. After two years of working hard, literally every day, with no time off, I decided it was time to live again. I thought I was happy while working, paying my bills etc. It felt great, to begin with, but after a few months, that excitement faded away, and I started feeling exhausted and lonely.

That was when I decided to start living again. I was still young and earning money but wasn’t enjoying it. I wasn’t enjoying my life. Is this what life was about? Spend the whole week working, paying bills, and saving. I had money saved up, but I was not enjoying myself.

Meanwhile, all the friends I left behind, thinking they were a distraction in my life, turned out they be busy having fun with their new friends. And did not have time for me. I was hurt at first. However, I realised that it was my fault. I had gotten it wrong. So please, everyone, learn to make time for the most critical moments with the most important people in your life.

What’s the best life advice you have been given?

I hope you enjoyed the post and learnt something too.

Talk soon!

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