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Businesses Can Benefit From Yoga

Businesses Can Benefit From Yoga. Hello everyone, I hope you are well. In today’s post, I will be sharing a guest post from Kat Byles. Kat Byles is the Founder of the True Business School. Kat invites you to follow your heart’s wisdom into a happier, healthier, wealthier business and world by sharing how to use yoga principles and postures to boost your career. So many of us are working too hard or fast and risking burnout. We know we’re doing it, but we don’t know how to stop and worry that our careers will suffer if we do.

Businesses Can Benefit From Yoga

It hurts when US politicians put gun sales and NRA payouts before the lives of children massacred in schools. It hurts when water companies pollute the UK’s rivers and seas with sewage, killing wildlife and making people sick. And it spoils when your soul slowly dies when you are in a job you hate, but you stay to pay the mortgage and feed your family.

In these moments, we are misaligned with our true nature and purpose. We are separate from Source: the universal energy that delights in creating the moon, stars, forests and oceans. When we are different from our higher consciousness, we make decisions led by ego-driven agendas that result in win-lose outcomes.

Cut off from Source, or universal energy, we struggle against our nature, working hard to chase ambition, financial targets, promotions, recognition and goals. We become sick; depression, stress, and anxiety set in.


Yoga offers a way of being that unites us with Source and our creative consciousness. Asanas are yoga postures that facilitate our body, mind and spirit union. By bringing yoga off the mat and into our business, we have a way of uniting with Source, universal energy and being in harmony with mother nature and our true nature.

Working with the biggest names in the sport, as a global change-maker with a big mission and purpose, and performing a 100-hour week, I burned out. My health, relationships and happiness were driven into the ground.

I listened to my heart’s wisdom and followed it to Antigua. Here I floated in the turquoise Caribbean Sea, walked barefoot on the white sand, ate ripe, juicy mangoes from the tree and fell into a rhythm with nature. This immersion in nature restored my wellness. Then it began feeding me inspiration for True Business – a way of being in business in harmony with our true, higher heart and creative consciousness.

So how can you avoid burning out by bringing the principles of yoga into your business? There are three key steps: connection, alignment and skilful action.

Businesses Can Benefit From Yoga

How To Avoid Burning Out By Bringing The Principles Of Yoga Into Your Business?

Step 1. Connection

Start by connecting with your heart’s wisdom and learning to listen to what it tells you.

You can do this through meditation, being in nature—perhaps swimming in the ocean or walking in the forest—or journaling, painting, dancing, breathwork, movement, or playing with your children or pets. Find your preferred way.

Step 2. Alignment

Now listen to your heart’s wisdom to build a practical business structure wholly aligned with who you are and what you came here to do.

Listen to your heart’s wisdom to receive your purpose and to discover your audience – the people your goal naturally serves. What is the one thing you want to say to them, from your heart to theirs? What is your message? Where are you showing up to meet them and provide value?

Step 3. Action

This gives you a clear pathway which is unique and authentic to you. You are ready to take action that will take you forwards in the right direction enabling you to fulfil your purpose and bring you joy.

Any action taken without attachment to outcome becomes skilful action, also called Karma Yoga. This opens a flow of opportunities that are a match for you and your business. What was previously challenging becomes inevitable.

Remember, it takes courage to trust the whisper of your heart, to let go of attachments and control. You may initially experience a panic, a fear that nothing will happen if you do let go; the clients, the deal, and the money won’t come in! You may worry that your business will fail and tell yourself that you must get busy and push! But, on the other side of surrender, you will experience release and relief. You’ll be able to create with presence in harmony with your natural creative flow, creative consciousness and grace, lighting your way.

Businesses Can Benefit From Yoga

Yoga Poses for Business

To help you create connection, find alignment and take action, I use five yoga poses and recommend them for different aspects of the business.

Mountain Pose or Tadasana

Stillness. Stand tall like a mountain.

Stand upright, feet parallel, facing forward. Ankles, knees and hips are stacked evenly above each other. Your tailbone is neutral. Shoulders are open and down. Arms are loose and long, and your palms are slightly open.

This brings you to a still, grounded presence. It’s a moment to check in with yourself and notice your breath, feelings and needs. A time to turn from the outer world and ‘to do to your inner world and ‘being‘. This is a movement away from giving and towards receiving. This pose will take you into peace, calm and strength.

I choose this posture: Before starting the business day, I must check in with myself and bring a grounded presence before a meeting or presentation.

Goddess Pose or Utkata Konasana

Energise. Power up the feminine energy that created the universe.

Stand with your feet three feet apart, turn out 45 degrees, exhale and power squat. Drop your shoulders. Bring your arms up and bend as you do for a wall angel. Keep your chest open and chin parallel to the floor. Breathe.

This is a power pose. It ignites your energy, grounds you on the earth, and fires up your fierceness so you are ready for anything. It leaves you confident, focused, and plugged into your inner power and pleasure.

I choose this posture: For an energy boost when doubts and fears rise and when I need to take a stand for myself and my vision.

Warrior 2 Pose or Virabhadrasana II

Focus. Open up concentration, discernment and stamina.

Face the long side of your mat, arms stretched out, feet parallel in a wide stance. Turn your right foot towards the short end of the carpet. Bend your right knee over your right ankle. Press down the outer edge of your back foot. Reach through both arms and turn your gaze to look past your proper fingertips. Repeat on the left.

This pose is named after Virabhadra, a warrior representing the destruction of evil, ignorance and delusion. It opens up your focus, concentration, stamina and strength. It brings discernment to say yes to your purpose. Distractions fall away.

I choose this posture: When focus and urgency are required to meet a deadline, when I feel scattered or overwhelmed, or when I must go the last 100 metres to complete a project.

Tree Pose or Vrksasana

Balance. I am rooted, playful, flexible and free to fall.

Begin in Mountain pose. Spread your toes, and press your left foot into the mat. Find your focus, a steady gazing spot in front of you. Place your hands on your hips and raise your right foot high onto your left thigh or shin. Stretch your arms overhead like branches reaching into the sun. Hold and breathe. Repeat on the other side.

This encourages you to feel rooted and reach tall. It challenges your balance. You may find yourself swaying or falling. Replace the need to get it right or perfect by inviting playfulness, the freedom to fall and flexibility.

I choose this posture: When I need to restore the balance of being and doing, when I need to inject playful creativity into the day, and when I need a reminder that falling isn’t failing.

Businesses Can Benefit From Yoga

Corpse Pose or Shavasana

Surrender. Total relaxation. Give yourself to the earth.

Lie on the floor. Lengthen from your neck through your tailbone, open across your chest, and move your shoulder blades away from your spine. Let your entire body sink into the floor. Let go. Relax. Give yourself entirely to the earth.

This complete relaxation allows you to release tension and assimilate, integrate, restore, and surrender to the universal flow. Your mind starts to settle, and your nervous system recalibrates and resets.

I choose this posture: After meetings with a lot of information to assimilate and integrate, anytime I experience sensory overload and close the business day.

By bringing yoga off the mat and into your business, you will find that the company thrives without the need for long hours and constant activity. When you take consistent business action inspired by your heart’s wisdom, you build structures that nourish and support you to thrive. Your business becomes a vehicle for the expression of universal intelligence. You create win-win outcomes.

I hope you enjoyed that.

Talk soon



Kat Byles is the Founder of the True Business School, working with creative, visionary and purpose-driven leaders, entrepreneurs, teachers, healers, artists and coaches to unleash their heart’s wisdom and creativity on a happier, healthier, wealthier business and world.

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