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    The Importance Of A Pen

    Lost Pen = No Pen No Pen= No Notes No Notes = No Study No Study = Fail Fail = No Diploma No Diploma = No Work No Work = No Money No Money = No Food No Food = You Get Skinny Get Skinny = You Get Ugly Get Ugly = No Lover No Lover = No Marriage No Marriage = No Children No Children = Alone Alone = Depression Depression = Sickness Sickness = Death! Lesson? Do not forget your pen!

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    Back to School

    Despite being a single mother, I made a decision to go back to school to further my education. Honestly, it was not easy. Making The Decision The last time I was in college was like 10+ years ago and although I tried very hard to succeed, I was unsuccessful. I had lots of doubt about going back. What am I going back for? Why do I want to go back? You have your daughter to look after Sonia, stay home and look after her. She needs a mother. You are just wasting your time going back.  I put myself so down, that I almost believed it. However, with lots of…