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Cheers to Another Successful New Year

Cheers to Another Successful New Year. Hello everyone, I hope you are well. Happy New Year! I am sharing a New Year short life update in today’s post. It’s a wrap for Another Successful Year.2021 has been a successful year, regardless of everything. I am very excited. I have missed you guys so much. It has been a busy 5/6 months now. I have a lot to catch up with you guys. But it’s the New Year, and I want to make this post short and crisp.

Cheers to Another Successful New Year


In early 2021, I announced that I am returning to college for another year to study HNC Administration and IT. And I was due to start in September 2021. I am very proud of what I have achieved these past few months. It has been challenging trying to stay up of my coursework and assessments, financial struggles, family drama (which I do try my best to stay away from) and at the same time being mum and keeping up with the blog activities.

This course level must be the most challenging level I have done in college. Of course, it is – it’s HNC (Higher National Certificate). Why won’t it be hard? I have had countless sleepless nights researching reports, watching lecturers record videos, looking over notes and preparing myself for assessments. There was less teaching than expected, making it even more challenging to understand what was expected from me.


I didn’t have enough time to pay attention to my daughter’s life, family members, or partner. I have sadly lost a long-term friendship too. Like I didn’t have the time for them at all. I feel very guilty that I couldn’t handle everything at once. I was exhausted due to sleepless nights, finance issues, and coursework. Honestly, I need to get this sorted with my finance. However, I know what I am doing and why I am doing it. Life has been unfair to me, and now I am fighting back hard for my future.

Sometimes, you have to be tough and stand on your ground because if you don’t, time will pass by. One day, you will wake up and see that everyone else has moved on and you are left behind. No matter what you are going through, life has to go on. Life doesn’t stop for anybody. If you don’t deal with whatever you’re going through as quickly as possible, you will be left behind.

Here Are Some Study Tips

  • Always start with the subject you are weak at
  • Do practise questions, don’t just read from a textbook
  • Take breaks, don’t push yourself too much
  • Most importantly, Be Consistent

Met The Love of My Life

The Second, probably the best highlight of the year, was meeting my long-distance Boyfriend for the first time after four years. Back in April, my mum and my sister moved to Nigeria. Sasha and I decided to pay them a surprise visit to Nigeria during the summer holidays. I decided to surprise my Boyfriend.

Finally, after four years of highs and lows in our relationship, Kingsley and I met. Boy, he is precisely and everything I want in a man. I always wanted a husband just like my dad; however, Kingsley proved better. He is kind, caring, gentle, giant and playful. Very easy to get along with. Sasha-Ann welcomed him with open arms. It was like they had met before. My heart melted just watching them bond.

As always, my parents were and still are not too keen on Kingsley. This is understandable because it is a long-distance relationship, and they don’t want me to get hurt. However, I believe in this relationship, and I know I have found the perfect man for me.

There may be a wedding in 2022.

Four things you learn as You go Older

  • You can’t make real friends with fake people
  • You sit back and observe. Not everything needs a reaction
  • You learn to trust your intuition
  • The older you get, the less you feel the need to be included.


I am very excited about how the blog is growing. Lately, I have been accepting guest bloggers to keep it going while focusing on college. How do you guys feel about it? Are you enjoying them? Who is your favourite guest blogger? If you don’t like any, please say why.

I have also introduced you to some Entrepreneurs who shared their stories and gave us some advice. I hope they have inspired you as much as they have inspired me. Also, I have published some new E-Books and created Lifestyle Courses. Had a few sponsored posts and collaborations with brands for my YouTube channel. I even had the opportunity of writing articles for an online magazine.

It’s has been an incredible year! I still have a lot to learn, and I am very excited about the opportunities 2022 brings.



Rules in Life

  • Let it Go, don’t let a Yesterday ruin a Today
  • Ignore them, Trust your Instinct
  • Give it time, everyone’s journey is different
  • Stay Calm
  • It’s on you.
  • Smile

Moving on

Like I always say, life is a journey. Don’t worry about the people that God has removed from your life! He saw things you didn’t see. He heard conversations you couldn’t hear. And made moves you wouldn’t make. I know I may have lost people from my previous life, and I have probably messed up many things. However, I know I am on the right track. Success is not a competition! Prepare For the items you pray for because sometimes the delay is your preparation! I may not be where I want to be, but that’s fine because I know I am better than where I was last year.

I am in a happy and peaceful place in my life, and I will continue to strive harder than I did last year. The sky is the limit. My future is evident now, and I am very excited about it. I am an open book and willing to learn as I move on with life. I hold no grudges against anybody. My heart is free from any anger and disappointments or guilts. I am happy.

I wish you all a very Happy, Successful New Year!

Talk soon.

Working with Strong women, I help empower women not to give up on their goals and find true happiness within themselves. #lifestyle #womenempowerment #selfcare

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