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Choosing The Right Multivitamin For You

Choosing The Right Multivitamin For You. Hello everyone, I hope you are well. In today’s post, I will be sharing a press release of an expert’s tips for choosing the right multivitamin for you. The multivitamin is a powerhouse among supplements, but with so many options, it can be challenging to be sure which multivitamin will be right for you. Amanda Williams, Nutritional Therapist at market-leading supplement brand Cytoplan, says:

“Although it may be helpful to consider individual vitamins and minerals for specific health conditions, a multivitamin and mineral, especially one formulated for your particular age, gender and life stage, give you a nutritional foundation to support your overall health.

“A good quality multivitamin and mineral formulation can act as a ‘nutritional multitasker’ to ensure that your nutrient needs are met and ultimately prevent any nutrient shortfalls impacting your health, both in the short-term and long-term.”

For expert support in finding a high-quality and effective multivitamin that is right for you, try Cytoplan’s multivitamin quiz here:

Choosing The Right Multivitamin For You


Choosing The Right Multivitamin For You

Amanda Williams, Nutritional Therapist at market-leading supplement brand Cytoplan, offers five things you need to consider when choosing the right multivitamin for you:

“When choosing a multivitamin and mineral, I recommend a practical and comprehensive formulation tailored to your needs. It would be helpful to consider the following:  


“It is important to review your health to make an informed choice when choosing which multi is right for you. For example, some multivitamin and mineral formulations may also provide added support for areas such as energy, immunity or cognition. It may be helpful to speak to a health practitioner such as a nutritional therapist for information around health conditions to ensure you have as much information as possible.”


“Our age can determine the levels of micronutrients needed within the formulation – for example, nutritional requirements for a child will differ from the nutritional needs of someone 50+. For instance, a multi with added CoQ10 would be more suited to those over 50 as levels can deplete with age or through certain medications.”


“It’s a good idea to look for a formula specifically targeted to your needs in terms of gender, too, because the micronutrient requirements for men and women can differ. For example, menstruating women may need extra iron in the formulation, which may be unsuitable for men.”

Stage of Life

“Our bodies are amazing, and the journey we all go through as we reach certain stages of life requires as much support as possible. Multivitamin and mineral formulations have been designed to support specific phases of life, such as pregnancy, which gives rise to additional needs. Switching to an appropriate formulation during these times is important to ensure maximum support.”


“We all make diet and lifestyle choices that impact our nutrient requirements. Combining a multivitamin with a protein powder may be ideal for those who lead an active lifestyle. For those who are physically tired or lead strenuous lives, opting for a multi with high B vitamins for energy may be more suitable in this instance. If the diet lacks adequate amounts of fruit and vegetables, then a superfood formulation with added phytonutrients can help to replace missing nutrients from the diet.”

For expert support in finding a high-quality and effective multivitamin that is right for you, try Cytoplan’s multivitamin quiz here: 

As leaders in food-based and ethical supplementation for over 30 years, Cytoplan has maintained the belief that nature holds the key to health, creating products that work in harmony with the body to optimise health, and the company is dedicated to improving the health of the nation, both ethically and sustainably. The company recently committed to 100% plastic-free packaging and shipping to customers in the UK and internationally with the launch of their brand new plastic-free pots made from natural and sustainable sugar cane.

An independent British company owned by The AIM Foundation, Cytoplan invests widely in health and nutritional projects across the UK and addresses issues such as global warming, community wellbeing and mental health. Every product purchased goes towards helping others. To find out more about The AIM Foundation, please visit

To learn more about Cytoplan’s food-based supplements, head to:

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