Compromise or Embody Your Own Authenticity
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Compromise or Embody Your Own Authenticity?

Compromise or Embody Your Own Authenticity? Hello everyone, I hope you are well. In today’s post, I will be sharing a guest post from Carol Mae Whittick of Toastmasters International. Carol will explore how choosing to live authentically changed her life and why you should, too. The word ‘authentic’ was Merriam-Webster’s dictionary Word of the Year for 2023. While it may appear to be a trend, Carol Mae believes that the demand to understand and experience authenticity is a collective response to the increasingly artificial world we find ourselves in.

Compromise or Embody Your Own Authenticity?

We increasingly rely on screened devices for communication, entertainment, education and information, including the news. Because of this, we need to discern reality from the facts and facts from misinformation. I believe the desire we feel to understand and experience authenticity is a collective response to the increasingly artificial world we find ourselves inhabiting.

What does this mean for each of us as individuals? It begins with embodying our authenticity, calibrating to our inner truth and therefore being able to recognise it outside of us. But this is not an easy path.

When you are living authentically, there is little middle ground. You will find people having solid reactions to you – pro or anti. This is why it is much easier to conform to society’s expectations. Rejecting or questioning collective ideals can cost you jobs, relationships, and your reputation, particularly in times of ‘cancel culture’.

It’s a brave choice to go against the societal tide and live life on your own personal terms.

Discovering Authenticity

After briefly thinking that I would like to be a pharmacist and meet the expectation of working in the healthcare industry like most of my family, I changed my mind mainly because I’d developed a deep passion for creativity, especially music.

As a young girl, I was obsessed with pop music. Every Sunday, I bargained with my mother to spend a few hours listening to the Top 40 countdown on the radio. This was my weekly masterclass in studying the craft of songwriting, emulating what I heard and then honing my own style.

Even though I had musical talent, I faced constant resistance. No one could see how music would provide a living. They probably thought I’d eventually tire of my pipe dream, find a real job, and do everything I was supposed to do.

But that never happened.

To Compromise Or Not To Compromise

Over the years, I had many ‘real jobs’, and although I was mainly a diligent employee, I could never fully commit to them. They were always a way to pay the bills because the work would never excite me like creating did.

Eventually, I found a combination that seemed to work: a full-time position at a production company that allowed me time off for performing. All was fine until those old familiar feelings of dissatisfaction and frustration returned. I knew I had to leave.

Fate intervened, and I was made redundant in July 2009. One enduring moment from that Tuesday morning reinforced my conviction that I needed to figure out how to live on my terms. On arriving at work, all staff were called into a meeting and told by two strangers from an insolvency company that we no longer had jobs. The Managing Director slunk out of the room, avoiding making eye contact with anyone.

While I could somewhat sympathise with his predicament, we tolerated his erratic behaviour. We worked hard for him, yet he could not even offesayappreciated our efforts. As one of his longest-serving staff members, I had given three years to build up his business and now had nothing to show.

I was disappointed with myself for losing sight of my actual goals, and I decided that day never to compromise my dream for someone else’s.

The Brave Choice

Returning to what has always been true has meant shedding the many pretences I adopted to appease others. I got clear on what is non-negotiable in life, ready to stand firm against the inevitable resistance and judgement. There is so much external pressure to do, be and have at particular moments in our lives, which I suspect contributes to the prevalence of anxiety in society. By placing so much value on external validation, people hide who they are, building lives based on a false version of themselves. Their prevailing sense of unease is the part of them that knows something is wrong.

The process of honouring my childhood desires has made me happy. And they’re central to my work as a Creativity & Spiritual Life Coach, Podcaster and Writer. Living authentically gives me the confidence to act when my intuition nudges me to try out a new venture. For example, I joined my local Toastmasters club last year to master public speaking.

May your path to authentic living give you great satisfaction in your business and personal life.

I hope you enjoyed that.

Talk soon.

Carol Mae WhittickABOUT THE AUTHOR

Carol Mae Whittick is a member of Toastmasters International, a not-for-profit organisation that has provided communication and leadership skills since 1924 through a worldwide network of clubs. More than 400 clubs and 10,000 members are in the UK and Ireland. Members follow a structured educational programme to gain skills and confidence in public and impromptu speaking, chairing meetings and time management.

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  • Fransic verso

    I’ve always admired people who go their own path and create their own lives regardless of what society thinks of them or wants them to be. This post is a good reminder to those who are afraid of doing it. Amazing post!

  • Richard Lowe

    Except for a little over a decade when I was married, I’ve been single all my life. I tend to look closely at relationships before jumping in – Will I need to surrender my authenticity?

  • Rosey

    To clarify, I was just thinking about how easy it is to inauthentic on social media when I was reading your post. Seems like people prefer it sometimes, which is so odd.

  • Rosey

    People will go on the attack quick and for no good reason on social media. Might as well be authentic because no matter what you say or do some people won’t like it.

  • Tameka

    There is so much truth here. Sometimes when it’s time for you to take a new path and you are ignoring the ques, things will happen that thrust you into that direction.

  • LisaLisa

    WOW, this was such a GREAT read! One statement that resonated with me the most was how you stated It’s a brave choice to go against the societal tide and live life on your own personal terms…..this is where I am at now in life. No longer worrying about what others are doing nor saying, I live on my own personal terms and I’m enjoying life.

  • Stephanie

    Following your own authenticity is something that will certainly lead to a richer life. Good points here on when compromise may be included.

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