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Crystal Clear Devices with Smart Screen

Crystal clear devices with Smart Screen. Hey everyone, I hope you are well. In today’s post, I will be sharing a product review and share how you can get crystal clear devices with SmartScreen. Allow me to introduce the World’s First Antibacterial Tech Cleaning Cloth: SmartScreen. I was excited when the company reached out to me and sent me their products for a review; the result was jaw-dropping.

Crystal Clear Devices With Smart Screen

A London-based start-up brand propelled by lockdown creativity, ‘Smart Screen’, has launched a revolutionary, antibacterial cleaning cloth designed to ensure phones and tablets remain box-fresh.

‘Smart Screen’ is a designer cleaning cloth and pouch tailored to fit into any pocket neatly, heavier weight than most microfibre glass cleaning cloths making it easier to handle. This premium product has been specifically manufactured with the current heightened awareness of cleanliness in mind, with a silver ion antibacterial liquid treatment applied during the weaving process. The ‘Smart Screen’ boasts a durability that ensures antibacterial properties lasts for up to 15 washes.

Though produced predominantly for phone and tablet use, this lifestyle accessory can also be utilised for reading glasses or camera lens cleaning thanks to its versatility. Created for a mass-market audience, the cloth fits into any everyday scenario – from removing screen smears before entering a meeting, eradicating dirt picked up from the bottom of a handbag or getting rid of greasy finger marks on the family-shared tablet.

Testing the Products

At first glaze, I was confused about what it was. It looks so tiny and cute, like a perfect pocket size. When I removed all packaging, all I saw was a small wallet (I actually thought it was a wallet), until a friend came by and brought out the microfibre cloth hidden inside the little porch. The result was Jaw-dropping when I used the fabric to wipe my phone screen. My phone was like a brand new phone. So my friend tried it on his phone and got the same result. I was so excited and cleaned my Tablet and got the same result. We did further experiment and cleaned his glasses – wow. I could see myself through his glasses frame, and he was shocked at the differences too.

Do I Recommend it?

Most definitely! I know I am not the only one who needs a clean screen on the devices. As bloggers, we need a crystal clear screen to be able to work. We do a lot of researching, designing and creating for our content. We even get carried away and sometimes we don’t notice how dirty our screens are.

It is also a perfect gift for valentine’s day. We all have at least two devices per person in every household. Why not look after it properly. Never use your spit, or your breath or a tissue or a wet a cloth to wipe off that dusty screen again.

The best thing of all is it is Affordable.

I hope you enjoy that post.

Get the World’s First Antibacterial Tech Cleaning Cloth: SmartScreen

Talk soon.

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