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Date Ideas for the UnDateable

Date Ideas for The UnDateable. Hey, everyone, I hope you are well. In today’s post, I want to share a few date ideas for the UnDateable. This post was sponsored by the Single Disabled. Single Disabled is a free dating site for people with Amputee, Deaf and Handicap disabilities. Boy, I didn’t even this exists. Valentine’s Day is coming up, and I want to share something different this year and talk about something very personal.

As you all may know, I am a woman with 2 disabilities. I am deaf both ears, and I have my right arm amputated. If you want to know more about my disabilities, read Coming to terms with my disabilities. My disabilities have caused a major impact in every area of my life. Childhood, Education, Career, Relationships, the list goes on.

Despite this, I have been on serval dates, some good and some disaster dates. Many people are Attracted to Disabilities, but they think dating people with disabilities comes with many responsibilities. This is completely false. And that’s why I would like to share some date ideas for people with disabilities. Using the best disabled dating sites will be very helpful to meet your match.

Date Ideas for the UnDateable

Candlelight Dinner

I love being spoiled by my date. Getting dressed up for a special home-cooked meal by my date sounds very exciting. A home-cooked meal is always the best. Better still, offer to cook together, it helps both dates to bond quicker because you will be communicating and sharing each other’s creative ideas, so you cook.

Fun Activity Date

Normally after the first dinner date, you should know what you and your date have in common. So why not use the opportunity to spend more time enjoying each other’s company by taking part in an activity, of which you both enjoy—for example, Snowboarding, Art sessions, Games of Bowling.

At home Cinemas

This is something I will always find romantic for a date. It will be an adventure for your date as it is something different than normal. You can turn your living room to a cinema using a home movie projector and setting the living room up to your date’s comfort. They will appreciate the effort you put in it and how you make them feel at home.

Whatever you get up to, remember to be kind and have patience. People with disabilities appreciate kindness and easy communication. I love how easy this free disability dating service has transformed the disabled lives by making it easier to meet someone. Anyone can use it with the interests to do so. Take your time to learn from your date about each other. There is nothing wrong with dating the un-dateable.  Things may be a little uncomfortable the first time, but if you take your time and maybe do a little home research about the disability that your date has and understand the support your date needs. Your date will be perfect.

Head over to Single Disabled to find your perfect match now.

I hope you enjoyed that.

Always remember to be kind.

Talk soon

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