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ELegear Rainbow Blanket

Elelgear Rainbow Blanket. Hello everyone, I hope you are well. In today’s post, I will like to share my thought on Elegear Rainbow Blanket. Today’s post will be a little bit different. I am inviting my daughter, Sasha-Ann, to share her thoughts on this bright and colourful Blanket.  I was excited when Elegear contacted me for a collaboration. Sasha loves rainbow colours, unicorns etc., so I thought this would be her ‘first brand collaboration’.

ELegear Rainbow Blanket

Elegear is a home products brand on Amazon. They are known for providing high-quality home products, including home office furniture, LED string lights and their popular cooling pillowcases and Blanket.

Best of all, they are affordable.


Rainbow Blanket

I love the Rainbow Blanket. Very bright and colourful. Sasha’s review on the Blanket will be on my YouTube Channel and below. The Blanket came in very quick. It is very soft and cosy, and the colours brighten the room. Long enough to wrap around Sasha and me. There are no cons. However, I wish it was longer.

Spring and Summer are coming, and the holidays are near. I think this would be perfect for those chilly summer nights or out in the garden during family Barbeques.

Elegear rainbow blanket is a perfect addition to a birthday present or a baby shower present.

As it gets warmer in the summertime, you may find yourself sleeping with just the blanket. I love it. I can see Sasha going to a sleepover party with her friends with this blanket.

Overall, I am delighted with it. And I might have one for myself. I will now leave you a review video below from my daughter, Sasha-Ann.  Remember to Subscribe to my YouTube Channel.

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I hope you enjoyed that review.

Talk soon.

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