Elevate your Easter Gift With Driftwood Designs
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Elevate Your Easter Gifts With Driftwood Designs

Elevate Your Easter Gifts With Driftwood Designs. Hello everyone, I hope you are well. In today’s post, I will be sharing a press release on Elevating Your Easter Gifts With Driftwood Designs. Looking for a unique Easter gift this year? Check out Driftwood Designs! They offer a great twist on traditional Easter gifts that work for any budget. Lizzie Spikes, an artist and illustrator, creates colourful illustrations that can be translated into homewares, cards, prints, and more. Her art can be incorporated into practical objects that can be used in everyday life. Driftwood Designs has grown from a home-based business to three shops in Wales and an online shop full of gift ideas. Whether you’re looking for a gift for someone who doesn’t like chocolate or wants to stick to their diet, Driftwood has got you covered. Check out these great Easter gift offerings!

Elevate Your Easter Gifts With Driftwood Designs

Better Than Bunnies

The Easter bunny needs no introduction, of course, but if the Mad March Hare is more up your street, Driftwood has some lovely gift ideas incorporating stunning depictions of these rare, beautiful animals.

For example, the Hares dry wipe board has a beautiful design but is also the ultimate in practicality. Its full magnetic back makes it perfect for attaching to the fridge to make notes on shopping that needs topping up, recipe ideas, or reminders for things that need to be done this week.

This is a really cute gift for only £12.50, and it would mix and match very nicely with both the Hares Journal Notebook and the Weekly Planner.


If your Easter gift is more about relaxing, why not try a touch of luxury with the Hares Velvet Cushion cover. With hares bounding through flowers at night and a moon sitting low over the rolling hills, this is a feast for both sight and touch. Your loved one can settle down with their cushion, plus a cuppa in a Large Hares Mug on a Three Hares coaster, for a luxurious treat, without a big price tag.


Chickens Before Eggs

Of course, you know your chicken from your egg, but can you tell one chicken from another? That’s where the Chickens Small Tin Sign comes in. These retro signs are very much back in vogue and look great on a kitchen wall. Whether for a serious chicken fan or just for a bit of fun, they will soon know the difference between a Sussex and an Orpington, a Rhode Island Red and a Gingernut Ranger.


For something equally fun but ultimately more practical, the Chickens Chopping Board is also a great choice. They are made from Eucalyptus Hardboard with a bright illustration of chickens wandering a farmyard to the front. They are scratch and cut resistant and add a lovely splash of colour to a kitchen. They’re also stain resistant, and heat resistant to 145°C.


New Life Hatching

Of course, Easter eggs were around for a long time before they were made of chocolate. There are numerous theories as to how eggs at Easter time became a tradition, citing both Christian and pagan traditions and dating them as far back as the 13th Century. In any event, eggs are a symbol of new or resurrected life and sit perfectly with the time of year when birds return to out shores and start nesting. If you have a twitcher in the family, a lovely gift is the Driftwood Garden Birds and Their Eggs Poster Print. Beautiful and informative, Lizzie Spikes has illustrated 10 of the most common garden birds and their eggs. Printed on recycled paper, the A3 print is a steal at just £12.00


For a more practical gift for bird lovers, the Adar-Birds Enamel Mug, features illustrations of more popular British birds, this time in flight and labelled with their names in both English and Welsh. Teatime will never be dull again.


With all these wonderful gift ideas available, who needs a chocolate egg to make their Easter special?

I hope you enjoyed that.

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Driftwood Designs incorporates the work of Welsh artist and illustrator Lizzie Spikes whose passion is creating illustrations that can be translated to homewares, cards, prints and so much more. This means her art can be incorporated into people’s everyday lives in the form of oven gloves, lamp shades, coasters, aprons and even clocks. Lizzie and her business partner Becky Barratt are both native to Wales and they have grown from a home-based business to three shops in Wales. They also they also have an online shop, which is figuratively packed to the rafters with beautiful, accessibly priced products.




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  • Karletta

    Yes please. These are absolutely delightful. The imagery and colour would be perfect to liven up my simple grey and white kitchen colour scheme. – The chopping board would be perfect. Something practical that adds a touch of beauty.

  • Ebony

    I was absolutely delighted to read your post about the unique Easter gift offerings from Driftwood Designs. The creativity and thoughtfulness that Lizzie Spikes brings to her art, transforming it into everyday practical items, is truly inspiring. The idea of gifting something as unique and beautiful as the Hares dry wipe board or the luxurious Hares Velvet Cushion cover instead of traditional chocolates is a refreshing change, and it speaks volumes about the value of artistic gifts that can be cherished and utilized daily.

  • Stephanie

    All of these are lovely. Thank you for the introduction to Driftwood Designs – beautiful creations. I know my mother would love the cutting board signs in her Easter basket!

  • Beth

    I’m so in love with these! I love the old-school design. It reminds me of the things my grandmother had in her house, and I mean that in the best way possible!

  • Kimberley Asante

    Your article on elevating Easter gifts with driftwood designs is truly creative and inspiring! I love how you incorporate natural elements into holiday gifting, adding a unique and personal touch. The driftwood designs featured are not only beautiful but also eco-friendly, making them perfect for a sustainable celebration. Thank you for sharing such innovative ideas to make Easter even more special.

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