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Father’s Day Gift Guides

Father’s Day Gift Guides. Hello everyone, I hope you are well. In today’s post, I will be sharing a father’s day gift guides. Father’s day is coming up next month( 20th June 2021). I am one of the lucky ones who still have both my Biological and Step Fathers in my life. And I love them both. The Pandemic has been a terrible time for them. The men in our lives are stressed out and worried 24/7 after losing their job due to the life-changing situation.  It is important to make them feel exceptional this year’s Father’s day.

Father’s Day Gift Guides

Ice blue Ice Blue Helmet

Dashel Cycle Helmets offers a range of slim, ventilated, lightweight cycle helmets manufactured in the UK. With a distinctive urban feel (suitable for any trendy Dad), Dashel Helmets are made from recycled and recyclable materials – ensuring that they low impact at the point of manufacture and produce very little waste at the end of life.




Professor Pannier Bag

Hill & Ellis produces a range of high quality, stylish satchel-style cycle bags. Each bag,

designed in the UK, is created to transition perfectly from home to bike to boardroom to bar. They are functional, fashionable and hard-wearing. Each bag comes with patented pannier clips that fit almost any bike, allowing you to clip the bag on and off quickly and easily.





Delicious Ready Meals 

Stem & Glory’s new vegan ready meals delivered to your door

For vegan, flexitarian or vegan-curious dads, the new range consists of finish-at-home ready meals, such as their popular Swede Gnocchi, Glorious Bourguignon, and innovative pizzas and recipe kits Stem & Glory’s trademark Kimchi Pancakes and Activated Charcoal Fettuccine with Mushroom ‘Scallops’.




Picture Chocolates 

ChocFACE makes delicious chocolate photos using edible colours printed directly onto high-quality Belgian chocolate. Choose from ChocFACE’s curated collections or upload your own pictures of you and your Dad and create a box of chocolate photos entirely personal to you. Boxes are delivered first class via Royal Mail and can fit through most standard letterboxes.






Every Man is Someone’s Father, It takes A Special Father to be A Dad

The Meee in a minute series of books

Meet in a minute; 60 ways to improve your life in 60 seconds

A collection of life hacks, advice, insights, science, stories, short exercises, quotes, and more can help you improve your life.

Meee in a work minute; 60 ways to improve your working life in 60 seconds

In 60 practical tips, this book celebrates the world of work and its importance and shows how it’s good for us.

Meee in a family minute; 60 ways to improve your family life in 60 seconds

A book bursting with useful tips and strategies to appreciate, engage with, enjoy, connect and reconnect with your family.


Car Bottle

FYX is a new ready to drink collagen-infused spring water that is ideal for everyone, including Dad’s.  FYX is available in two great flavours: Raspberry and Acai Berry with antioxidants; Lemon and Lime with Moringa Tea helps with metabolism.  FYX is healthy and hydrating.  Each 400ml bottle contains 2500mg of premium Naticol® Marine Collagen, which is known to help repair damaged ligaments, joints, and muscles with its powerful peptides and enhance your skin, nails, and hair.


Vanity Studios Photoshoot Studios

Maybe your Dad is an avid Instagrammer or blogger, or perhaps he’d just to a picture with the entire family together. Whatever the reason, you can’t go wrong with a voucher for a photo shoot, complete with a makeover at Vanity Studios.

Go home with pictures your Dad will treasure forever.



Smart Screen

Smart Screen 

‘Smart Screen’ is a designer cleaning cloth and pouch tailored to fit into any pocket neatly, heavier weight than most microfibre glass cleaning cloths making it easier to handle. This premium product has been specifically manufactured with the current heightened awareness of cleanliness in mind, with a silver ion antibacterial liquid treatment applied during the weaving process. The ‘Smart Screen’ boasts a durability that ensures antibacterial properties lasts for up to 15 washes.


One day is not enough to honour a special father you truly are because amazing every day of the year. Thank you for all you do.

Remember to give lots of hugs to your dad.

I hope you enjoyed that.

Talk soon.

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