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Five Fabulous Brews For True Coffee Lovers

Five Fabulous Brews for True Coffee Lovers. Hello everyone, I hope you are well. In today’s post, I will be sharing a guest post from Shristi Panti. She is a content writer and owner of F and B Recipes. Shristi will be sharing Five Fabulous Brews for True Coffee Lovers. It’s Fall Season, and it’s the perfect time to start the coffee lovers to enjoy unique brews of coffee. 

Five Fabulous Brews for True Coffee Lovers

Coffee has become a daily essential in many people’s lives. There is no single way to enjoy coffee, and it’s an excellent way to gather with friends or meet new people. Some coffee lovers prefer a dark brew rich in flavour, while others like to add extra spices to their roasts for that extra push.

Here are the best brews to try if you are a coffee lover.

Jamaica’s Blue Mountain

This exotic blend is scarce as most crops are shipped to Japan annually. The coffee beans must be handpicked from a steep mountain slope in Jamaica and take ten months to produce viable crops.

The Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee bean has a natural sweetener due to the temperatures and high altitude of the Blue Mountain and has a strong taste with a slight hint of acidity.

Death Wish

The name says it all. This coffee bean is ideal for any student or workaholic who must stay awake and focused. The manufacturing company boasts that this blend has more caffeine than other coffee. The average cup has approximately 100mg of caffeine for a light or to put that into perspectives to put that into perspective. Death Wish has a staggering 600mg per serving, sometimes more depending on the roasting process.

Death Wish is also 100% certified organically grown and completely safe to drink. 

Nespresso of Switzerland

Nespresso has released a list of new coffees organically made in Switzerland for those who still haven’t found their favourite coffee blend. There are numerous flavours, such as chocolate, salted caramel, cinnamon, and cappuccino. Nespresso even produces coffee makers.

Nespresso’s array of coffee choices has been a global success due to the variety of flavours and roasts. You are bound to find at least one blend that will have you buying in bulk. You can order many different bundles, each with a small sample of all the other coffee flavours you can experiment with. 

Black Ivory

You might know this type of coffee as elephant poop coffee. Although it sounds unappealing, many have said this brand became their favourite after trying it for the first time. This coffee is so unique because it’s only brewed after an elephant has eaten the coffee beans. Once the beans have passed through the intestinal tract, they are thoroughly washed and roasted.

It is said that the digestive process of the elephant, combined with its herbivore diet, creates the coffee’s unique taste. To increase their flavour, many beans will be roasted with chocolate, cherry, grass, and even leather.  

Kona Coffee of Hawaii

The Kona coffee bean has a spicy taste with a hint of butter, and some brands have a wine smell. Grown only on the Big Island in Hawaii, Kona coffee has to be increased 600m above sea level, near a volcanic spot where the ground is rich with some. Kona coffee beans are first sun-dried. They are then hulled before going into air-tight containers inside large freezers. It is believed that the cold temperatures will keep the coffee beans fresh. And once thawed, Kona coffee beans can store on the shelf for almost two months.

The world’s best-tasting coffee is impossible to identify because no two people have the same taste buds. And everyone has a different opinion. These five coffee blends are based on the most popular choices by other avid coffee lovers who have tried them all.

I hope you enjoyed that.

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  • Nicole Anderson

    I found this guest post really interesting and learned a lot. Death Wish is something I could imagine a few of my friends that work really long hours getting into. Black Ivory has an amazing story to it and I’m sure some might be a bit put-off if they hear the story prior to trying the brew. Jamaica’s Blue Mountain, Nespresso of Switzerland and Kona Coffee of Hawaii are all brands I have tried and enjoyed. By staying open-minded to trying new brews and blends, we are all bound to enjoy more and more options.

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