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Five Habits That Lead To Unlimited Success

Five Habits That Lead To Unlimited Success. Hello everyone, I hope you are well. In today’s post, I will be revealing the top five habits that lead to unlimited success & how to build them into your daily routine. Before we begin, let me tell you why this will be a BIG read for you and why you may want to bookmark and refer to it over and over…

First, this is NOT some cooked-up fantasy or (put) phoney baloney! This article is a ‘direct result of a deep study of the works of the most prominent masters in the personal development realm from the 20th and 21st centuries.

Secondly, it’s not some lecture in psychology either! And, dispensing with all the formalities, I’ll get straight to the point… Bring the FIVE habits you can pick to gain unlimited success in life…

Now you see what a terrific ride it’s going to be?

Get ready and buckle up!

Five Habits That Lead To Unlimited Success

So, What Exactly Are Habits?

In simple terms, habits are repetitive behavioural patterns… Cycles of thoughts and emotions in the mind that lead you to act.

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the mind is just a bundle of those repetitive patterns of thoughts…

James Allen, a pioneer in the self-help movement, went so far as to say, ‘You Are What You Think’ – therefore, your habits are you. Your thoughts are you…

And that pretty much explains why poor habits result in a poor YOU. And why certain good habits will turn you into your better – more successful, accomplished and balanced self.

It’s time to get down to the ‘five success habits’ revealed by the gurus themselves!

Taking Responsibility

Yes! If you want to be successful, start by being responsible for yourself! That might seem like trite advice, but to be honest, ‘it’s gold’.

By taking responsibility for yourself and everything you do, you establish yourself as the sovereign captain of your life’s journey…

Suddenly your destiny is in your hands!

One common habit that Napoleon Hill, author of Think and Grow Rich, found in the world’s most successful men was that they always took responsibility no matter what, leading them to grow.

So, you’d better start taking responsibility because the gloomy path of the blame game leads nowhere!

Do This:

Keep reinforcing in your head that your life is your responsibility, and never let your mind blame anyone. In some time, you’ll begin to experience freedom!

Action over Thinking!

Do you overthink? Many people think that’ thinking’ is good, and some even go to the extent of encouraging unnecessary imagination.

The truth is this: thought without action is not worth a dime!

Because, after all, this is a universe of activity (constant motion), and unless your thoughts set you into action, what good are they?

Without any definite action, thinking is simply daydreaming, or what else is it, you tell me?

Earl Nightingale, a legendary American speaker, stressed that ideas are worthless unless we act upon them.

The bottom line is you’ve got to become action-oriented to be successful in life…

Do This:

Set definite goals for yourself and take action to achieve them. Mark your progress every day. Make this into a habit!

Facing Challenges…

This means facing your fears! Everyone has fears, and there’s nothing wrong with that because as long as we’re living, we’ll fear one thing or another.

Fears are not wrong (unless neurotic). One big difference between those who succeed in life and those who never make it there is,

– The former turn their fears into a driving force and pull through

– The latter let their fears take them over and down the drain.

The choice is yours…

If you’ve made the obvious choice, then…

Do This:

Set targets and push yourself out of your comfort zone daily. Meditate, and see yourself as fearless. With continuous practice, you’ll see the results!

Knowing the Value of Time

Have you ever heard the phrase, ‘Time is Money? Well, that’s damn true!

Stephen Covey, a renowned American speaker, believed and insisted on the value of time, so much so that he even drew up a Time Management Matrix for people to use and spend their time most efficiently.

In Covey’s bestselling ‘7 Habits of Highly Effective People‘, Peopleced time management at number 3, which shows what time meant to him.

So, how to be effective with time?

Do This:

  • Set your priorities right…
  • Stop overthinking (because that eats up time, isn’t it?)
  • Be quick and active (taking good care of your health so laziness won’t kick in)
  • Start respecting time in its true sense and ‘realize’ that it is your LEASE ON LIFE.
  • The last one must JOLT you.

“Honesty is the Best Policy!”

Sir Edwin Sandys was quite right when he uttered those historic words…

You don’t need a lecture on honesty, do you?

That ‘honesty’ is the essence of all of the world’s religions, of all scriptures and that he who’s honest will lead a content life… is known to all!

The big issue with honesty is that when we have a choice between the truth and lie, we go with the lie. Because being honest never looks very promising at first glance to most of us!

Why? What’s the root of that?

This: We’re short-term people with a short-sighted attitude to life…

If you want to lead a successful and fully content life (in the long-term) with a light and happy heart – make honesty an inseparable part of you!

No ‘Do This’ this time because you know how to be honest and trustworthy. There’s no practice.

A Final Word!

One thing not put in the above five was ‘learning…’ Well, it has its unique place!

Life is a learning journey; once you drop your ego and become open to learning, SUCESS will be your inevitable fate!

The above five habits will surely set you on the right track for success, but if you combine them with a learning attitude, you’ll become unstoppable…

Then for you, every day will be a new day, and every experience will be a unique one…

Just try it!

I hope you enjoyed that.

Talk soon.

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