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Five Simple Ways To Kick Start Your Goal-Setting

Five Simple Ways to Kick Start Your Goal-Setting. Hello everyone, I hope you are well. In today’s post, I will be sharing five simple ways to kick-start your goal-setting. Recently, I shared the Top 3 Goals You Needed To Set in 2020. I think it’s time to start thinking about our Goal-Settings. If not for the last few months of the year, but at least for next year. Many people are still struggling to set out goals for themselves. There are five essential yet straightforward steps to follow, which I believe are necessary for achieving seemingly impossible goals.

Five Simple Ways to Kick-Start Your Goal-Settings

Step 1

Spend some quiet time and write down exactly what the change or changes will be and why you want them; this is the first crucial step towards achieving goals. At this stage, write only what it is you’d like to meet and why. The “hows” and “when’s” can come later.

Step 2

This step, too, is crucial and has everything to do with you accessing a state of inner peace. The peace I write about has little to do with listening to relaxation music, essential oils in a burner or harps playing (though they can help). Achievement of your goal requires having peace through a quiet mind and inner calmness regardless of the chaos around you and how long this chaos reigns.

When you have this (peace), you’ll have greater clarity, your creative self will make itself known, and you’ll gain foresight into how you will achieve your outcome; focus and negativity will have minimal impact.

Some individuals know how to step into a state of peace; others may require gentle guidance.

If you find achieving a peaceful state challenging, there are five options listed below that may help you:

  1. Find yourself some quiet time when you know you’ll be undisturbed and paint, draw, write, or map out all you can about your intended outcome.
  2. Embark on a meditation program that will teach you several meditation techniques.
  3. If you’re willing to be coached, find a reputable personal coach who can help you work through limiting beliefs and help you discover what your values are.
  4. Seek out a mentor. This would be someone whom you admire, who is inspiring, motivating, and successful, be available to you, and who is fundamentally optimistic, peaceful and calm.
  5. Embark on a spiritual development program.

The world of alternatives is vast. To find something you’ll be happy with may take a little research. Start by asking friends and family members to point you in the right direction. If they’re just not into that kind of thing, it may be wise to broaden your search through the internet, books, and other members of your community.

Step 3

This critical step is about gifting yourself with a fresh outlook on life.

Looking at things in a different way and from a new angle will give you a more global perspective revealing greater possibilities and may be achieved by:

  1. Asking parts of you what is important to you; each time you receive an answer, continue by asking why that answer is important. When you can go no further, ask yourself, “how can you change this issue?” This may sound a bit strange; however, from experience, this works.
  2. Transformational Coaching.
  3. You understand your motivation or lack of motivation. Once you’ve understood yourself, you’re in a position to become proactive in making necessary changes toward achieving your goal.
  4. Reading autobiographies of how successful people did it.

Step 4

By now, you know exactly what you want; you can step into profound inner peace at will, have picked up great self-help and self-healing tools; eliminated limiting beliefs; and worked out your values. Now it’s time to finally pinpoint precisely how you’re going to go about achieving your goal.

There will be many ways to achieve your goal; however, the time frame will vary greatly depending on what you need to acquire first.   Maybe you need the following:

  1. To acquire new skills such as sales, writing, technology, or marketing for that new career you’ve always wanted to be part of.
  2. To seriously start networking yourself and your product. Become known in your community.
  3. To gather a team of like-minded individuals that will motivate and inspire you into achieving your goal, whatever it is. Constant negative input can quickly extinguish dreams.
  4. Start an investment portfolio for your future if you’re after a secure financial lot.
  5. Read as much as possible on whatever your goal is. It will give you a fundamental understanding of what it’s all about.

Step 5

This last but essential step (they’re all important) is calculating when your outcome will finally ensue. Suppose you’ve followed the previous steps adding Step Number Four into the equation. You’ll be able to determine the time you can celebrate in a massive way of finally reaching the pot at the end of your rainbow!

  1. Calculate the time it takes to complete your training courses or higher education.
  2. Investment portfolio goals as discussed with your investment adviser.
  3. Discuss with your business/personal development/ transformational coach how many sessions and “home play” you will require to achieve your goal.
  4. Factor in the time it takes for people to get to know you if you’re selling a product or you are the product. Speak with a marketing professional or someone “in the know” first.
  5. It’s essential to be realistic about timeframes. Sometimes our grand plans will go awry and take much longer than expected (like newly discovered actors and singers who have been plugging their trade for many years before hitting the big time!)

Sometimes, incidents will happen and be out of our control no matter what we do, like my computer taking all my electronic office equipment with it earlier in 2005 (one of the most frustrating experiences I’ve ever had). To keep going required perseverance, patience and flexibility – it would have been so easy to give up!

Anyone can achieve goals through inner peace, perseverance, patience, flexibility and sometimes viewing situations from an entirely different angle.

I hope you enjoyed that.

Talk soon.

Working with Strong women, I help empower women not to give up on their goals and find true happiness within themselves. #lifestyle #womenempowerment #selfcare


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