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Five Things I Love About Rail Travel

Five things I love about rail travel. Hey Guys, I hope you are well. In this post, I will be sharing five things I love about rail travel. I love travelling, and besides travelling to different countries by air across the globe, I love to travel by rail. Some people travel by boat, bus or car for a weekend getaway. I prefer rail travel at all times unless it’s cases like overnight trips or an international destination. I hate travelling on a long journey. However, trains are very relaxing, and the fact that you have the flexibility to move around on the train makes the trip more fun.

Five Things I love about Rail Travel


I love the fact that I get to look out of the windows and see the beauty of Scotland while travelling on the train. We travel through the countryside and see the beautiful green lands, forests, landmarks, islands, rivers, horses, cows, farms. The list goes on. It is very refreshing and the fact that it moves pretty fast, you don’t have the time to take pictures.


On the train, depending on how far your journey is, you do get tired of sitting down and may want to stretch your legs or go to the toilet, or even have a chat with a friend. The train is on one level, making it easier to move about.


I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t say I like messy services. Whether I travel by air or car, if I am paying to use your services, then the least you can do is to keep the place clean and tidy. Remarkably, the toilets. Luckily, I have not experienced a messy train orbathroomt on the train. It has always been neat and refreshing. The bathrooms are what I am surprised about the most. When I travel by bus, I always avoid using the toilets. It is always messy and stinking. We used the bus to travel down to London earlier this year, and I was not too fond of the entire trip. From the Services to the Toilets, everything was a total disaster.


Trains have a way to make you feel at home. You can pretty much take along anything you want on the train. Whether that is a blanket, travel pillows, snacks, drinks, magazines or laptops, pretty much anything you want you. I love that the seats are spacious, with plenty of legroom between the seats to have a nice stretch.


When I am on the train, I love the feeling of its movement. The speed, the energy and the excitement make me feel like I am running on a race track like Usain Bolt. It also makes the world feels like it is moving. When you set goals, you know that you want to start but don’t know where to start from? The train makes me feel like I’m moving towards achieving my goals rather than sitting down and just thinking of ideas.

One More Thing

I want to add one more thing about rail travel. I have travelled on First Class, Business Class and Standard Class. There’s no difference between these different services. Maybe more comfortable seats and better customer service, but that shouldn’t matter. No matter your class, I believe all should be treated equally. At the end day, it’s the standard class that enjoys rail travel more.

Do you travel by rail? I was hoping you could share your experiences with me in the comments below.

I hope you enjoy this post.

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