Five Things I Regret Not Doing When I Was Younger

Five Things I Regret Not Doing When I Was Younger

Five Things I Regret Not Doing When I Was Younger. Hello everyone, I hope you are well. In today’s post, I will be sharing five things I regretted not doing when I was younger. Recently, I have been publishing a get-to-know-me series of articles such as Letter To My Younger Self and The Engagement That Changed My Life. It is understood that Life for young Sonia was filled with many challenges. Despite all the challenges, there were some things that I wished I had done with my time when I was younger. I had dreams, and it hurt me so much that Life took an unexpected turn.

Five Things I Regret Not Doing When I Was Younger

Standing Up for Myself

I wish I had stood up for myself more than I did. I am very respectful, and I think many people took advantage of that, and I was blind to see it. Maybe if I had stood up for what I believed was right, things would be different.

Pursuing My Dreams

I dreamt a lot when I was younger and wanted to take over the world. I wanted to be a dancer, model, fashion designer, author, and so on.

Despite my circumstances, I was confident I would be at least an author or a fashion designer one day. Maybe if I pursued one by participating in related activities and clubs, I would learn more about the craft of being an author or a fashion designer.


I am naturally a quiet, shy girl. However, it is only when I am comfortable and feel safe to the point where I know that you will love m; either I or I will present myself to you. That’s when I let loose of being shy and quiet.

I socialised a bit more with different people from different cultures, etc. I probably would be more comfortable around people now.

Being Adventurous

Maybe being adventurous is not my personality. However, I remember when I went on a school trip to a tiny village, Lochgoilhead. I was excited but did not know what to expect. While there, we did all sorts of activities that I never thought I would do.

We went hill climbing, canoeing down the river, mud fights etc., it was so much fun. Due to a lack of confidence, I didn’t participate in many activities. I wish I had been adventurous by trying skiing, fishing, camping etc. Maybe Life wouldn’t be as dull as it is now.


I have a feeling that if I had been given a chance to go on serval dates, then maybe I would develop some knowledge of how the dating game is. I would know what I like in a man and what I don’t like. And how a woman should be treated and what is acceptable and what is not.

Many people would learn this from home, but I did not because my dad was always working in Africa and only came home 1 to 2 times per year. I am not blaming anybody – just saying that if I had seen what a marriage should be like, I probably would have made better choices when dating.

Advice to Young People

Just Live your Life. Life is all about experiences. Wherever you are now in your Life is based on your past experiences, what you have learned, and the changes you made.

I believe having an open mind when experiencing a different lifestyle at a young age is essential. You will learn a lot about Life and, more importantly – yourself.

I hope you enjoyed that.

Talk soon

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    It is true life is all about chance and choices you could have been an entirely different person based on choices you make as you go through life. That why they say hindsight is 20/20 because it is so easy to see, but honestly if you look at the choices that got you where you are you will realize subconsciously you choose what you really wanted.

  • Ariana Dagan

    Advice is so much easier in hindsight! I feel like I recognized all those lessons at a younger age, but anxiety, money, family, peers etc. always stand in the way! I think ultimately we don’t get to fully appreciate that lesson unless we don’t follow this advice and reflect later.

  • Karletta Marie

    Just Live your Life. Life is all about experiences…. This is brilliant advice for the young and old and all ages alike.

    A friend of mine in her 50’s used to dream as a younger woman of being an air-hostess. But her life took a different turn, she made decisions that took her in a direction that did not have air-hostess as part of it. UNTIL NOW!

    She applied for an air hostess position and has been working in the role for about a year now AND since then she has been invited to train for her dream job working for her dream airline.

    What an inspiration.

  • Lisa

    It would be great to get a do over but what we can do is learn from our past. From what we have done and what we did not do, we can use what we have been thru to live a full life now and to help others who may be in a similar circumstance that we have experienced. Just like you are; by sharing on your blog!

  • Jade

    Oh my God, these are also my regrets. I was so beholden to the traditional purity culture I grew up in that I remained quiet when I should’ve been assertive, meek when I should’ve been adventurous.

    I tried to do everything right based on someone else’s standards.

    If I could live my life all over again, there are definitely some things I would redo.

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