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Five Ways Single Parents Make Money

Five ways single parents make money. Hello everyone, I hope you are well. In today’s post, I will be sharing five ways you can make extra money as a single parent. We all need extra money, whether you are a parent or not. We are in March. Spring is nearly here. That also means we only have three months left for the summer holidays. Do you have any plans yet? Let me know in the comment section.

Five Ways Single Parents Make Money


This is everyone’s favourite easy way to make quick money. I also considered doing this because I have done it before and made some money. This is also a good idea because you can easily babysit when your kids are in school. Summertime is coming, and it’s a perfect time too. Some parents work during the summer and want a mum to look after children instead of a day-care centre, depending on the hours and the number of children the time duration. You can easily make up £100 at a time.

Get A Job

You’ll need a job. Well, at least a place where the money comes from to the account every month. Many single parents prefer to work part-time due to either expensive childcare or no childcare. So they intend to work around the children’s school time. Getting a job is a way to start earning some money straight away. At least put food on the table, a roof over your head, and pay the bills. From there on, you can explore different ways to make some extra money; from playing games that you can win real money on to tutoring online in the evenings, there are many side hustles that could suit.


This has been suggested to me before in my previous apartment. I had a well-maintained apartment, and a friend was visiting me. She came up with renting out my apartment for a weekend, and I could make up to £500. Back then, I was young and naive as I stupidly refused because I was all about being the good girl and staying out of trouble. As an adult now, I would not hesitate to get that amount with permission (of course).

Suppose you know anyone looking to come to your city for a weekend or even a month. Let them know. All you have to do is arrange for short-term accommodation, maybe with your parents, friends, or family members, or even go on holiday and rent out your place. You can even rent out your car too.

Selling Items Online

These days, many people tend to make money quite easily and quickly by selling stuff online. It has been the easiest way to make money because it helps reach millions worldwide. If you have anything at home that is in good condition but don’t want it, sell it, whether it is baby clothes, baby books, a piece of jewellery, anything. Open up a selling page on Facebook, and start selling. You can join some networks, too, like Amazon.

Start A Business

Every single parent should start a business: one way or another. There are many options, from drop shipping to blogging to even starting an online casino and giving people a platform to play games for real money. There should be a grant scheme for single parents to help start up very quickly. Single parents are not lazy people; we did not choose this life. It chooses us. So, for this reason, I think we should be highly supported when it comes to funding for ourselves and our children.

If companies are unwilling to take us on board, we need support from somewhere. Starting a business is perfect because it allows us to be our boss and work on our terms. Start a business if you are tired of juggling between work and kids. Save some money, research, get some creative ideas and create.

I feel making money is essential; however, do not get carried away with it. It is a lifelong journey. No matter how long it takes you to make money or how much you make each year, keep going.

I hope you enjoyed the post.

Talk soon

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