Five Ways To Make A New House Feel Like Home For The Holidays
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Five Ways To Make A New House Feel Like Home For The Holidays

Five Ways To Make A New House Feel Like Home For The Holidays. Hello everyone, I hope you are well. In today’s post, I will be sharing five ways to make a new house feel like home for the holidays. If you recently purchased a home or one within the past year, you are probably looking forward to the holidays in your new home! I know the feeling – it’s a really exciting time. Sometimes, however, your new house might not truly feel like “home” during the first holiday season. It takes time to get used to it! There are ways to make a new house feel like home for the holidays; that is what we are discussing today.

Five Ways To Make A New House Feel Like Home For The Holidays

Decorate Early

If your house does not necessarily feel like “home” for the holidays, it might be a good idea to start decorating early. Decorating early can help you get excited about the season, bring in the sense of cosiness, and add that lively vibe to your house – to get you ready for the holidays! In addition, decorating early might be a good idea because you never know what you want to replace for your new home or what you might need. Every home is different, and the decorations you used in your old home might not work for this new house. It’s just another perk of decorating early. You will be able to figure out what you need, and you don’t have to rush around at the last minute to decorate, adding stress to your plate.

Incorporate Old Traditions Into The New House

Your previous traditions can and should transfer over to the new house. Did you use to have a bonfire on Christmas Eve? Do it at your new home, if possible! The same goes for any other tradition. The more rules you keep, your new house will feel like that sense of cosy “home” that holidays bring out even more so.

Host People In Your Home

When you are considering having holiday parties, please do it! Bringing people into your house will help you create great memories in your new place with the people you love. The reason why your old home was so unique to you was because of all the memories that you made there. You cherish and treasure those memories and the people that you did them with. It will take time, but you must build up those memories at your new home.

Add In A Sense Of Coziness

Adding in additional cosy items never hurts, too! Bring in the blankets, fall-scented candles (or essential oils), and more. Whatever you associate with cosiness, make sure you bring it out into your new home. Another way to make sure that your house feels cosy and like home is by making sure all your furniture is moved in. Need help with the heavy lifting? Movin’ has you covered, and they can even help with the extra heavy items, such as Salt Lake City gun safe moving.

Change Up The Paint Colors

To truly make your house feel like a home, you must enjoy being in it – especially during the holidays! My best tip for you is to change the paint colours. Why? Because the paint colours affect how you feel + if you have old paint colours, they probably have stains on them or might be colours that you associate with some not-so-great things. For example, my friend Alex just bought a new home, and the colour throughout her entire house is a weird browny, yellow almost. It’s supposed to be neutral, but it’s not at all. She started painting her guest bathroom the other day (she chose the colour in her old home, which was a very light grey), and it’s making a massive difference to her!

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