Five Ways To Practice Self-Love During Valentines'

Five Ways To Practice Self-Love During Valentines’

Five Ways To Practice Self-Love During Valentines’. Hello everyone, I hope you are well. In today’s post, I will be sharing Five Ways To Practice Self-Love During Valentines’. We are in February, and it’s the season of love. It is also an emotional season for us Single parents. While our married and non-single friends are going out on dates with their partners, we single parents feel very lonely. This is because we think we have no time to spend on ourselves or have the money even to do something. Well, this is 2020. It’s time we step up and do something about it.

Five Ways To Practice Self-Love During Valentines’

Stop Chasing Boys, Let Men Come To You

We were in 2020, guys, as much as some of us love the attention and sex we get from our ‘casual partners’. We owe it to ourselves to learn to give ourselves attention and something much better than sex – Endless love, our future Husband. Get dressed, look pretty and head out somewhere new and out of your comfort zone.

Buy That Gift For Yourself

You have spent the past week wishing to buy something from your favourite shop. Girlfriend, buy it. This is the season of love; go for it.

Book A Weekend Off

Take the kids to their dad, grandparents, aunties, etc.. for a weekend and go somewhere. Visit another city, and stay in a hotel. For once, treat yourself.

Plan A ‘Galentine’ Day Lunch or Dinner

If you and your girlfriends are single, don’t let that stop you. Plan a whole day out with your girls and enjoy each other’s company. A day out could be spent in the spa, shopping, at the movies and dinner at a top nosh restaurant.

Sleep Over Party

Just because you are single does not mean you have to sleep alone on valentine’s night. Hosting a valentine’s day sleepover party will be a great way to enjoy your evening with people you love and who love you back. It doesn’t have to be ten people, it could be just 5 or 4, and it could even be just you and your family members.

I hope you enjoyed this post. We have to learn to be self-fish to ourselves once in a while. Also, you must know that Valentine’s day is about Love and Not Sex. It’s about spending the day with people you love. If you have been falling in love with someone unaware, Valentine’s day is when you can confess your feelings and not feel embarrassed about them.

Happy Valentine’s Day, Everyone.

I hope you enjoyed that.

Talk soon

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  • Ashley

    A few moms and I are having a Galentine’s Day Sunday night since Monday is president’s day. I can’t wait. It is always good to love yourself and have time for yourself.

  • Cathleen

    Wonderful suggestions for a Happy Valentines! At my age my most favorite thing to do is to spend it with my children, whom I love so very much! Too fast they grow and then they don’t want to spend the time with us, soaking in all of these special moments! xx

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