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Five Ways To Transform Your Sex Life

Five Ways To Transform Your Sex Life. Hello everyone, I hope you are well. In today’s post, I will be sharing a press release from Hana, one of the UK’s leading contraceptive brands. Using data from a 2018 survey, Hana has found that almost half of UK adults are unhappy with their sex lives. Hana believes that every adult deserves a happy and healthy sex life, so using their expertise in all things sex, they have shared five ways you can transform your sex life.

Five Ways To Transform Your Sex Life

Are you just starting on your sexually active journey? Enjoying the ‘no strings attached’ life? Are you married with three adorable but boisterous children?

Regardless of what type of sex you’re having, have you ever sat and wondered how it could improve? If so, you’re not alone! A 2018 study of 6,000 people found that just under half (45%) of adults in the UK are unhappy with their sex life. Perhaps you want to get to business more or feel less self-conscious between the sheets. We think a healthy and happy sex life is something to be proud of and actively seek. Here are five ways to transform your sex life…

Communication Is Key!

Probably a bit cliched at this point, right? But we can’t stress enough the importance of open and honest communication. When asked about advice for healthy and happy sex lives in our recent survey, one of our most popular responses was about the importance of communication*. It’s normal for two different people to have two different libidos; sometimes, they don’t match up. It can be a bit of a mood killer AND a dent to the ego being rejected by someone you’re trying to seduce, but we’d like to think that a gentle conversation about how you’re both feeling might help alleviate such a situation.

It’s vital to remember that communicating your wants/needs, likes/dislikes and advocating for yourself if you’re ever feeling uncomfortable is essential. It’s also important to speak up if you feel like something might be physically not quite right with you. Being comfortable enough to discuss your health concerns with your partner could be the start of your road to recovery. For these reasons, communication is our top advice for an improved sex life and relationships.

Love Yourself, First

It will always be easier for someone to get you off when you know what works for you. Otherwise, you might find your partner fumbling around for what feels like forever with no accurate indication or helpful guidance of what might/might not be working! We’re not opposed to a little ‘self-love’ and invite you to try it too. We think there’s something special about romancing yourself – whether spending time alone, standing in front of the mirror and affirming what you like about yourself or masturbation itself. Being in tune with your body and able to work out what feels good and right and sexy should improve your self-esteem and will hopefully make all the difference for the future of your sex life – both with yourself and others!

Try Something New

This doesn’t necessarily have to mean jumping from vanilla to the deep end of kink, but sometimes it helps a little to step out of your comfort zone and, through some trial and error, maybe find something else that you like. We must reinstate the importance of communication here because you should only ever partake in what you’re comfortable with. Trying something new could be treating yourself to a new toy for particular solo play, adding bondage and blindfolds into your session, or experimenting with power play. It could be inviting a new partner into the bedroom, giving roleplay a whirl, or seeing how a new position feels. Whatever works for you and your partner(s).

Work On Your Intimacy

We’ve said it before, and I’ll repeat it – intimacy is about much more than sex! Intimacy is an integral piece of partnership, but it’s a common misconception that it can only be achieved through sex. Intimacy can be improved by doing many different things – spending quality time together, kissing and cuddling, making each other laugh and having fun! We don’t doubt that once your intimacy reaches a new level, so will your sex life!

Prioritise Pleasure

We are BIG advocates for sex being pleasure-focused rather than goal-driven. Frustratingly, 60% of the people we surveyed said they had faked an orgasm*. We can’t help but think how different our sex lives could be if we stopped putting so much onus on the destination and instead just relaxed and enjoyed the journey.

It turns out the Big O isn’t the be-all and end-all, after all! We think sex should be all about doing what works and feels best for you, and sometimes, the pressure that comes with ‘finishing’ steals everyone’s focus, and, as a result, pleasure becomes less of a priority. It’s normal and sexy to have sex because it feels good. It doesn’t always have to come with a climax, which shouldn’t determine whether the sexual encounter was successful. Did you have fun and enjoy yourself, regardless of whether or not you experienced an orgasm? That is success in itself.

We hope these tips give you some ideas for what you might be able to do to help improve your sex life, whether that’s with yourself or someone else. We’d also like to remind you that whatever your sex life looks like – either right now or months from now – is completely valid and should be respected. Full consent is mandatory in all sexual encounters, and you deserve to feel confident, seen and sexy between the sheets.

Hana® 75mg film-coated tablets contain desogestrel and is an oral contraception for women and people with childbearing age uteruses to prevent pregnancy. Always read the instructions on the package leaflet carefully.

I hope you enjoyed that.

Talk soon.

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  • Ntensibe Edgar

    YYEESSS! Prioritising good communication as well as pleasure for all partners will greatly transform your sex life! It is unfortunate that so many of us focus on our own satisfaction and not pleasure!

  • Monidipa Dutta

    Such a refreshing and candid read on reviving the spark in our sex lives! Your practical advice feels like chatting with a friend – open, honest, and no-nonsense. Loved the emphasis on communication, self-love, and prioritizing pleasure. Keep spreading positivity and empowerment! 🔥💑📝

  • Ellanor

    Wow, that’s a surprising statistic that almost half of the adults in the U.K. are not happy with their sex lives! I think there’s a lot of shame, repressed trauma, and a general lack of openness about sex. Many people lack the education and are too afraid to communicate with their partners. All the points shared by Hana would be really beneficial for couples looking to transform their sex lives!

  • bright loveland

    our sexual life is one thing most people dont pay attention to in their relationships. i strongly agree with the point you stated. thanks for sharing this to improve our life

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