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Fresh Scent Laundry With Earth Breeze

Fresh Scent Laundry with Earth Breeze. Hello everyone, I hope you are well. In today’s post, I will be sharing a product review from Earth Breeze. Earth Breeze is a sustainable laundry detergent that fights plastic waste. Earthbreeze is trying to change the way we do laundry. People will be doing laundry today, tomorrow and far into the future. It is a necessity of life, and there IS a better way to do it. That’s what they believe in, and that’s what they stand behind.

However, they decided there must be a better way to do laundry. That’s when they decided to create Earthbreeze. They wanted to create a sustainable and green solution to the laundry industry better for the environment and your clothes. They also created packaging that is zero waste and requires about 94% less carbon emissions to transport.

Earth Breeze now have 200 000+ subscribers, shipped, and we are #18 on Amazon under the laundry detergent category.  They regularly donate their products to nonprofits and charitable organizations, including homeless shelters, homeless outreach, veterans organizations, women’s shelters, animal care shelters, disaster relief and more.
They just donated our products to two more pet shelters to be used by their staff: Stray Rescue St. Louis and Georgia’s Bird Sanctuary recently.

Fresh Scent Laundry With Earth Breeze

EarthBreeze Eco Strip

It only cost 20 cents per load. They are available in two Detergent (Fresh Scent and Fragment Free), and it is wrapped in zero-waste packaging (biodegradable and recyclable) replaces plastic jugs. Earthbreeze Eco Strips are a small product with a HUGE impact!

Earthbreeze Eco Strips lighten your load on the environment. It comes in easy to use, pre-measured strips, getting rid of annoying liquids and detergents. Phosphate and paraben-free, vegan, free of chlorine dyes and bleaches, making it as sensitive to your skin as the planet.

The best thing I love about using Earth Breeze is that it is easy to use.

You can get scent clothes freshly by following these three simple steps:
  1. Take one sheet (one sheet = one full load)
  2. For top-load washer, place sheet inside the washer or front-load washer, place sheet in the detergent dispenser
  3. Add clothes to start the washer.

You can use Earthbreeze for manual hand washing too. Just soak the eco-sheets in water first.

They also recommend you use:
  • Half a sheet for regular loads
  • One sheet for one full load
  • Two sheets for heavily soiled clothes

The best thing of all is that the sheets dissolve quickly and completely, containing biodegradable anionic and non-anionic surfactants.

Every customer who purchases from Earth Breeze is helping stop 700 million plastic jugs from reaching landfills and oceans each year and gets to choose a donation centre that they can give our product to because they care.

Questions & Answers

Are all of your ingredients 100% sustainable/zero waste/natural?

“When formulating our Eco-Sheets we made the decision to remove any unnecessary additives or ingredients, and as a result, we have been able to provide a cleaner option. We do have a stabilizer ingredient that is the smallest level of microplastic, and necessary in nearly all detergents. However, keeping the holistic picture in mind, many of the old fashioned detergents on top of this and other concerning ingredients are packaged in plastic, shipped in plastic, and are carbon positive. Given our carbon offset efforts, tree plants, ocean cleanups, and plastic-free packaging and shipping we are confident that we are better for the planet than any alternative, and remove more plastic from the ocean than the small per cent of microplastic that may be contributed. It is about doing the best we can for the planet and trying to leave it better than we found it.

Where do our ingredients come from?

Earth Breeze ingredients are ethically outsourced from Asia.

Where is Earth Breeze located and who are the founders?

We are a small business run by people who care about our planet. Our products are designed in Los Angeles, CA, and shipped out of our Medford Oregon or our UK warehouse. We have manufacturing partners in the USA & Asia. They meet all of our demands and standards when creating this sustainable product.

My Thoughts

As a busy single mum juggling with time to get things ready for my daughter’s return to school, as well as getting ready to start college at the end of the month. Earthbreeze Eco Strips are as sensitive to your skin as it is the planet. I know how important it is to make sure the products I use to wash the Laundry is safe on the skin. I love that the product comes in sheets, making them easy to store and more space in the storage.

This was perfect timing as I had just returned from a one-month holiday in Nigeria and my clothes and the beddings at home were in serious need of refreshen up. I could smell the products from the envelope as soon it arrived.

I washed my towels, beddings, and my robe, using the Fresh Scent Sheet. And I am excited to share that my whole apartment was covered with freshness from the product. My Laundry came out deep-cleaned and super fresh and soft.

If you are someone who just returned home from a holiday and needs a new product that helps remove foul odour or needs to refresh some school uniforms for the kids or outfits for work, I highly recommend you try Earth Breeze.

Earthbreeze conveniently delivers their eco strips monthly to your doorstep, making them a smart, simple laundry alternative. You can bury the packaging of Earth Breeze as compost. It is 100% biodegradable :).  Eath Breeze has planted 14,135 trees.

CLICK HERE to enjoy 40% off any purchase for you when you subscribe. We hope you will try the product, enjoy the benefits and help us change an age-old industry with no intention of changing itself.

I hope you enjoyed that.

Talk soon.

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