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Happy Birthday Sasha-Ann

Hey everyone, I hope you are well. Today is my daughter’s birthday. Happy Birthday Sasha-Ann. I can not believe I have a 5-year-old. We celebrated by holding a party filled with love and happiness. I initially wanted to host a huge party for her, but I just couldn’t afford it. So my close friends and family members were there to make it a memorable day. Sasha-Ann had a lovely day with her friends from the Nursery and old friends too.

Dear Sasha-Ann,

Today is your 5th birthday. I honestly do not know what to say. What an adventure in the last 5 years has been? We have been through everything, thick and thin, and what’s best about it is that we grew together. When you were born, I was so worried about you. There was so much chaos going on (you’ll understand when you get older), I wanted you to have a good life. So I took it upon myself to raise you up all by myself. It was a little bit hard adapting to a new lifestyle, but the smile on your face makes everything worth it. I wanted to raise a queen. I wanted to raise someone stronger than me.

You have completely changed my life. I had been so lonely before I had you, everything was crashing down. Although I had plans, there were no realistic plans for the future. Through you, I became a mother, a chef, a teacher, a student, a comforter and the list goes on. Through you, I stood alone and tall. I became fearless and selfish. I pushed myself over a limit that I have never done before and some things that I never knew I was capable of.  It made me unpredictable as I started fighting very hard for our future and I will continue to fight forever.

Best Friend Forever

Sasha, you became my best friend. I love how we can talk to each other about anything and everything, and I pray this does not change. People say we look the same, but in my eyes, your beauty is out of this world. You have been a very good girl, never scared of a challenge, my little miss independent. You already have a career set for yourself – a doctor like Doc McStuffins. I promise to give you all the support you need to make your dreams come true.

My fear is losing you to bad habits from the outside world, such as school. I know everyone makes mistakes but remember that its not the end of the world. You can change it. You just have to be strong. Whatever you do, do it for yourself. If it makes you happy, do it. Make sure you do the right things though. Then again, what is the right thing? No one truly knows. All I can advice you is to follow your heart. There will be times where mummy will get upset or sad. Just know that I love you. I will always be there for you. Do not let anyone tell you any different. There is nothing I will not do for you. Happy Birthday.  Love mummy x

Special Thanks

Special thanks to all my friends and family that made Sasha-Ann’s day a special one. I hope you all had a great day with us. Everything was short noticed, but you still made it and everything went smoothly. You guys Rock.

Thank you.

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