Harold & Hansa Introduce Nine New Madeira Rums To The UK
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Harold & Hansa Introduce Nine New Madeira Rums To The UK

Harold & Hansa Introduce Nine New Madeira Rums To The UK. Hello everyone, I hope you are well. In today’s post, I will be a press release on Harold & Hansa’s introduction of Nine New Madeira Rums To The UK. Madeira rum is a type of aged rum produced on the Portuguese island of Madeira, known for its unique flavour and aroma. The newly introduced rums are expected to be a hit among rum enthusiasts and will be available at select retailers and online stores.

Harold & Hansa Introduce Nine New Madeira Rums To The UK

Harold & Hansa, specialists in Madeira Rum, is delighted to announce two new partnerships with Madeiran rum distillers to bring nine new rums to the UK for the first time.

They have teamed up with two more distilleries: O Reizinho and Vinha Alta. This means the company now represents, in the UK market, three of the four significant distilleries in Madeira.

The partnerships also mean Harold & Hansa Ltd now offers the British rum lover a more diverse range of products. These new allegiances also strengthen their position as the premier Madeira rum specialist in the UK and allow them to grow further and develop the business, benefitting rum enthusiasts countrywide.

A rum must have a specific character to be called Madeira Rum, but that does not mean Madeiran rums cannot offer a range of delightful differences.

So, what are Harold & Hansa’s new rum ranges offering?

O Reizinho

The distillery Florentino Izildo Gouveia Ferreira, known as “O Reizinho”, is a family-run enterprise. It is located in Gaula, southeast of Madeira, and was established in 1982.

All the Rums produced at O Reizinho are distilled in a Portuguese alambique (i.e., Pot Still) and, after being distilled, rest in their 10,000L stainless steel tank for six months before being bottled or further aged.

The name “O Reizinho” pays homage to the story of Pedro Ferreira’s great-grandfather, the distillery’s current owner. He was a statuesque man who lived to the ripe old age of 94 and was a father of 14, despite being expected to die when he was born two months premature in 1875.

The award-winning brand includes traditional unaged Agricole, cask-aged, limited editions, and the Peter Holland blend. These will now be available in the UK through Harold & Hansa.

Vinha Alta

Family-run Vinha Alta is the newest distillery on the island, established in 2019. Located in the cold hills of Canhas a Ponta do Sol town, the distillery is renowned – and proud – to be considered locally as the “crazy ones”. This is due to their revolutionary approach to producing rum, bringing innovative and fresh ideas to the sector.

Vinha Alta uses a unique distillation method, becoming the first distillery to produce a double-distilled Rum. The first distillation happens in the Pot Still at Engenhos do Norte distillery. After this first distillation, the liquid is fine-tuned in Vinha Alta’s hybrid still.

Despite its relative infancy, the distillery has already accumulated awards and offers two brands of rum: Balancal and Shortridge Lawton. Balance includes the inaugural release, the Single Cask Edition, Distillers Selection, and the Portraits of Rum. Shortridge Lawton pays homage to the last Madeira wine company to send their wines to age in the holds of ships crossing the equator.

Vinha Alta’s rums will now be available in the UK through Harold & Hansa.

Harold Vieira, co-founder of Harold and Hansa, said: “We are very excited about these partnerships. Representing three out of four of the major Madeiran rum distilleries in the UK means we can showcase our home country’s wonderful rum offering, which we are all so proud of. We are also sure UK rum fans will be delighted to see more delicious, quality rums.”

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Harold & Hansa, the Madeira Rum Specialist, was established in 2021 to spotlight lesser-known, premium-quality rums from Madeira. Co-founder Harold is from this beautiful Portuguese island, and his family has been involved in the rum trade for many years. Madeira creates some of the best rums in the world using exceptional sugarcane varieties and a meticulous production process. The team at H&H, The Madeira Rum Specialist, handpick the finest rums from the island to bring to the trade and consumers in the UK. The company also organises rum-tasting events to take you on a journey to discover the spirit of Madeira, sip by sip.

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