How To Develop A Motivated Mindset
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How To Develop A Motivated Mindset

How To Develop A Motivated Mindset. Hello everyone, I hope you are well. In today’s post, I will be sharing a few tips on how to develop a motivated mindset. From time to time, each of us will find ourselves in a rut of boredom and disinterest. We seem to lose our zest for life and feel tired, irritable and unmotivated. We want to hide under the covers rather than face the day. Perhaps you’re feeling overwhelmed by work, sad about the pain and suffering in the world, or just bored with your daily life routine.

You are not alone.

We all go through periods like this at some point.

The good news is that we can do something about it.

Here are some tips to help break out of the rut and feel excited about life again:

How To Develop A Motivated Mindset

Take a “Time Out”

Prolonged stress can wear us down and zap any enthusiasm we once had. Before doing anything else, take a few minutes to breathe and just BE. Empty your mind of all stress and worry. This takes practice, but don’t give up! As thoughts come into your mind, gently push them back out and continue to keep your mind empty and calm. Take slow, deep breaths and let all of your muscles relax. Sit quietly and recharge your batteries. Try to do this daily or even twice daily (morning and night). We need quiet time as much as we need anything else in life. Give yourself the gift of inner peace.

Get Inspired

Read something motivational, inspirational or uplifting. Look at some beautiful nature photos, or read something humorous. Consciously move your thoughts to a more positive place. Focusing on nothing but work and our daily tasks in life can leave us feeling pretty uninspired. It’s easy to turn it around if we want to. We must seek things that will lift our spirits and moods. Make it a point to laugh and be happy, joyful and lighthearted each day. Please don’t wait for inspiration to come knocking on your door; go out and find it or create it. Conjure up some funny or touching memories. Write them in a journal so you can go back and read them when you’re feeling down.

How To Develop A Motivated Mindset

Get Excited

Think about the things you have planned for the day, and rekindle the enthusiasm you once felt for them. When we first begin a new project or job, we are excited about the possibilities and eager to get moving! Over time, we can lose that enthusiasm for a variety of reasons. Travel back in time for a moment, and think about what got you so excited initially. What made your heart beat a little faster? Recapture that feeling and hang onto it! Even if your tasks aren’t anything to be excited about, at least consider some positive benefits. For example, list how they will benefit your children, spouse, job or home. Identify the payoff, and focus on that. Even mundane tasks have some benefits. Sometimes it’s just switching our mindset to see the positive side.

Baby Steps

Sometimes the most challenging part is getting started. A project seems so monstrous that we cringe at the thought of all that time and energy we’ll have to expend. Instead of overwhelming yourself, start small. Set a timer for 15 minutes and start working on it. Allow yourself to stop after 15 minutes if you want to. But we often won’t want to stop once we start working on something. Please don’t focus on the big picture. Look at the more minor details and take them on one at a time. Any enormous task seems manageable once we break it down into smaller steps.

Care Of The Body

Sometimes our feelings of fatigue are caused by physical deficiencies, not mental ones. Be sure you are getting enough rest, eating food that nourishes your body, drinking enough water, exercising, etc. Especially when we’re swamped, we tend to grab the quickest, most leisurely meals, which aren’t always the best choice for our bodies. Eating highly processed foods and sugar is like putting watered-down gasoline into our cars. For our cars to run smoothly, we must maintain them properly, so it is with our bodies. Remember, the body is the vehicle for the mind and soul!

Finally, remember to reward yourself from time to time, and be gentle with yourself! There will always be things that “need” to be done. But some of us take on way more than we can handle, and our lives become a pit of struggle. Try to eliminate the things that truly don’t bring you joy, or at least minimize the time you spend on them. Do what you can, and let the rest go. Or ask for help. Don’t feel you have to do everything yourself.

Remember that motivation, just like happiness, is something we CHOOSE. We may need to give ourselves a little push at the beginning, but once we get into the right mindset, it’s simple to stay there if we choose to.

I hope you enjoyed that.

Talk soon

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  • Rosey

    I do love to read or listen to someone upbeat and inspiring. It reminds me that things can be done with effort and attitude, that will change my life for the better.

  • Colleen

    These are keys to developing a motivated mindset. It’s important to know that a motivated mindset prevents you from giving up and helps you move things forward.

  • Alita Pacio

    We cannot always be motivated. It comes and goes so make sure we know what to do when it goes. I like to read good books to get inspired and develop a motivated mindset.


    This is all great advice. Taking care of our bodies is really important. How we feel has a strong influence on our mindset. Rewards can be very motivating.

  • Nyxie

    I really struggle to stay motivated. I have multiple planners etc but trying to juggle my day job with writing in the afternoons, along with chronic illness, is flooring me at the moment.

  • Patricia Chamberlain

    I struggled to stay motivated last year but have been doing better so far this year. I love the idea of taking baby steps as well as taking time to breath and relax.

  • Luna S

    The baby steps idea is fantastic! It is so easy to get overwhelmed when starting something new or trying to progress further and baby steps are a huge way to help break that down and keep you going. Very helpful post!

  • Gervin Khan

    This is such an awesome article to read, it’s very informative and detailed! It’s very important that we know and asses our well-being to be always in the right mindset to be motivated in every day of our lives! This is a great boost and a really big help! Loved it!

  • Lasonia

    These are some of the best tips! I have learned that taking a “time out” works wonders for me. It allows me to regroup and be able to see a situation from a fresh perspective.

  • Marysa

    It is good to have some ways to stay motivated. I do through stages when it comes to being motivated and totally losing my motivation. Kind of like when I go through stages where I want to clean my house and other times I can’t bear to look at housework. I will have to work on some of these things.

  • Stephanie

    Yes to all of this! I also like to make a to-do list. It helps me stay motivated to see things coming off that list. Even the tasks I do daily are on a list to cross off as I go every day.

  • Debbie

    Very helpful tips on how to develop a motivated mindset. I really like the suggestion to set a 15 minute timer and to quit the task after 15 if needed.

  • Nobubele Ngulube

    Thank you for this! It’s true that taking care of our physical health works wonders for our mental well being, which translates to more motivation. I’m trying to be more intentional about that now as a mompreneur.

  • Maureen

    These are important tips on how to develop a motivated mindset. Baby steps are impactful because it really does help when there’s a huge project that need to be tackled. I usually write out a list of how I can get there and do it step by step. Another one I find helpful is taking time out. It always help me come back to creating content much better than if I didn’t.

    Maureen |

  • Carol

    I love this post! It’s just been this past year or so that I have really come to know how important mindset is and what a tremendous role it plays in our health!

  • Julie

    So I have used planners, and I also was given a gift of a daily calendar with motivational quotes. Those have both been helpful. What I’m really enjoying right now is Oprah’s The Life You Want planner that I purchased with a subscription to her magazine. (I’m not affiliated, just thought I’d share!) I do need to develop a more intentional motivated mindset as a WFH entrepreneur because I can see my bed from here, just calling my name!!! LOL Thanks for sharing your tips and wisdom.

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