I Can Vs I Can't
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I Can Vs I Can’t

I Can vs I Can’t. Hello everyone, I hope you are well. In today’s post, I will be sharing a motivating concept on the I can vs I can’t phase. I believe that two words are the driving force behind your personally achieving your outcome and your WHY in Life. These two words are the most powerful words you can ever speak to yourself about any situation. “CAN” and “CAN’T”. As I’ve said many times, “CAN” is a word of power, whereas “CAN’T” is a word of retreat.

I Can Vs I Can’t

You have the power to decide if you wish to ACHIEVE or RETREAT. When you speak victory words such as “I CAN”, you will attain whatever you set out to do regardless of what others say to you—many famous entrepreneurs worldwide, such as Ray Kroc, Fred Astaire, Walt Disney and Dick Clark. I can attest that if you spoke with each of them individually, they would tell you that at the beginning of their journey. Most people told them you CAN’T do that! Fortunately, they disregarded these statements and listened to their inner voice, which said, “Oh yes, I CAN!”

The key in life is to realise the most crucial person who speaks to you every day is you on the inside! You need to review your WHY in Life and see if you are on track toward achieving your WHY, Or are you on a detour because someone told you, “You CAN’T do that, so stop dreaming and just forget about it!” As a personal mindset builder, you need to speak to your inner person and say, “Today, I will take another productive stride!”


Each morning, I visualise myself winning. My outcome for each day is to build a community of people who we can inspire and motivate all of us to make the world a better place to live. I have to admit if it was not for my inner person saying, “Sonia, you CAN do it! YOU CAN do it!” I may not be in the position of success that I am today. Some days it is still difficult, but guess what — we ARE doing it!

I am very proud and appreciative of the people who have stepped up to the plate and made individual contributions of talent and time.

In summary, you need to ask yourself a sincere question, “Am I listening to my victory words from the inside, or am I letting the outer defeat (loser) words control my outcome in life?”.

I hope you enjoyed that.

Talk soon

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