Is There Any Relationship Between Karma And Meditation?
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Is There Any Relationship Between Karma And Meditation?

Is There Any Relationship Between Karma And Meditation? Hello everyone, I hope you are well. In today’s post, I will share my thoughts on this question: Is there any relationship between Karma and meditation? Karma lives with us. Karma is part of our lives from the very moment of our birth to our death. Every time we do something, and even every time we stop doing something. That generates Karma, and you cannot avoid it in any way.

Is There Any Relationship Between Karma And Meditation?

Of course that not all the Karma that we generate is the same. A kind of Karma ties or chains us to this life. And another type of Karma that liberates us from the reincarnation cycle.

The Karma that chains us, known as Vishayakarma, has as fruits the misery and the lack of interior peace. While the Karma generated by good actions or disinterested actions, known as the Sreyokarma, allows us to reach the soul’s prosperity and happiness. It is much more than getting simple external satisfaction.

Every time we face activity to obtain a specific result. This throws us into the arms of passion, greed, and ego demons. At the same time, only the pure actions that we do for love without considering their possible consequences are the kind of actions that drive us little by little toward illumination and liberation.

Those whose nature allows them to carry out this kind of charitable activities little by little realise that God provides them with all they need and confers them to interior peace. Another form of achieving the yearned internal peace is meditation.

Why is meditation so necessary?

Perhaps you might ask yourself why?

Because man always acts in two dimensions. The physical senses govern the external dimension, and the internal extent is governed by intelligence and the mind.

The internal conscience cannot move for itself but instead needs the guidance of the intelligence and the mind related to the external world. They are like the oxen that pull a carriage. These oxen are anxious to walk but take us to the correct destination. They should be educated. They should be indicated which route takes us to the place to which wants to arrive the internal conscience. And these are the roads of the Truth, the Rightness, the Peace and the Love.

Then to liberate us from the enslaving Karma, it is necessary to teach the intelligence and mind’s oxen the art of dragging the carriage of the internal conscience. This is achieved through the practices of meditation and the repetition of the name of God.

And the conscience to guide the oxen of the intelligence and the mind. Must calm and control the conflicting desires that infest the mind. This is achieved when we learn to point our minds in a single direction.

Understanding Meditation

Thanks to the meditation, the bewildered mind dives in the view and repetition of the name of the Lord. The Divine Splendor can burn the wrong and illuminate the manifested happiness.

It is easy to understand the benefits of meditation. Anyone who undertakes a task knows that he can achieve the desired success only when concentrating his efforts toward a single point. Even the most trivial tasks require concentration, and the power of an unshakable effort is so enormous that even the worst difficulties surrender to it.

When we practice the meditation in the Supreme Being, the mind learns how to retire its attention from the material objects. Life acquires a new splendour when we get aware of the Divine Essence inside us and guides us into the state of Blessedness.

How sweet is a fruit?

There’s no way to explain that appropriately. The only way of knowing that is to eat the fruit.

How good is the meditation?

There’s no way of knowing the taste of its fruits until we don’t decide to experience it.

I hope you enjoyed that.

Talk soon

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