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Last Christmas – A Christmas Reflection

Last Christmas – A Christmas Reflection. Hey everyone, I hope you are well and welcome to Blogmas 2019!! I am very excited about this year’s Blogmas. I have a lot planned for the festival season. It has been an incredible year and I want to end it with a BANG! In this post, I am going to share with you a timeline 5 years of Christmas. A reflection of why this year’s Christmas is special.

As you know, my life changed when my daughter was born back in 2014 and I became a single mum at age 24. Still young and a first time mum with little support from family and friends. Fast forward to 2019, thankfully we are all in a good place now. However, I believe we should never forget the struggles we faced to get to where we are now. This is why I want to share this reflection and I hope you enjoy and be encouraged to do the same.

Last Christmas – A Christmas Reflection

Christmas 2014

2014 was a tough year for my family and I. We had got a point where there were negative energy and a lot of arguments as we just couldn’t agree to disagree. I felt so sad because it was Sasha’s first Christmas and I wanted it to be a special one. It was very hard because I had just moved to a new apartment and I did not have any money to celebrate Christmas.

Christmas 2015

2015 was not too bad. I believe this was when I made an effort to save up some money to buy a Christmas Tree and few present along with help from the Salvation Army. I think my family and I spent Christmas together. Mum went to Nigeria for the holidays. Although the year was still bitter. At Christmas, we manage to put it all aside and celebrate it somehow.

Christmas 2016

2016 was warming up. I had got myself sorted out, saved up a lot of money. I had started and Sasha had started Nursery. So we had to celebrate. Sasha had Christmas parties at Nursery and I had night outs with some new friends from college. I was very excited during Christmas time. My family and I had reached a point where we can start communicating again. Mum stayed in the UK. and this time Dad went to Nigeria for work.

Christmas 2017

2017 was so much fun. This was the first time, everyone got on well after the 3 years of drama. The family got together and had a great time. Mum and Dad were both together at home. It was great. Sasha-Ann and I even got dressed up and celebrated 1 year of success at college and Nursery. With lots of food and presents under the Christmas tree.

Christmas 2018

2018 was so much fun. Mum decided to host Christmas with a Twist – Nigerian Style. There lots of Nigerian yummy dishes. The family got together, there was no Drama of whatsoever. Just pure happiness and bliss. I am extremely proud of how far our family has come.


As you can see It has not been an easy ride in the last 5 years. Christmas should be a time for family. And we managed to put differences aside and celebrate. What I have learnt in the last 5 years of Christmas is that ‘No matter what, FAMILY comes first and No matter how bad things get, You Should Never Shut the door on a family member forever.

In 2014, I remember, I did not attend Christmas Dinner with family, I was very disturbed with the drama that went down. Christmas should bring happiness, love and joy. I did not feel it would be like that. However, my family did not shut the door forever, it was kept open.

This Year

Christmas is year is going to be the best in the last 5 years. I have so much to celebrate and there has been growth in my between my family and me. So I feel so excited to see how Christmas 2019 turn out. It’s already started with a bang. HAPPY BLOGMAS EVERYONE!

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