Last Day of Work and School
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Last Day of Work and School

Last Day of Work and School. Hey Guys, I am super excited to share that it’s the last day of work for me and the last day of school for Sasha today for the Christmas holidays. I am delighted. The year has been nothing but success all through. I am very much exhausted, though, as you can imagine. Both Sasha-Ann and I deserve an excellent 12 months worth of rest.

Last Day of Work and School

Proud of Us

I have truly enjoyed myself this year, with so many positive changes. My daughter’s development and knowledge have improved massively. I have also built more confidence in myself too. I just love that my daughter and I are growing up together. We have been through many challenges since I found out I was pregnant. So to be where we are now it’s just amazing.

Guys, think about it. I have been working since she started Primary School, and not once have I received a phone call from the school about her misbehaving or being sick. That is something I am incredibly proud of. I think all parents want to be able to go to work with peace of mind. And know to believe the fact that our kids are having a great time at school makes it so much easier to work.


I have some guilt about working. However, I have learned to let go of that guilt and see the positive side. Life is life, and I hope one day she will understand why things were the way was. I will post about the ‘Guilt of a Working Single Mother’ soon, but it hurts me that I have not been able to see her development and work on our relationship as much as I had hoped.

I have no choice but to rely on the teachers to give me feedback about her development. Unfortunately, I cannot attend any parent’s evening as I am working on the hosting days. However, there are some things Sasha-Ann does and says that I noticed and thought to myself, ‘wait a minute, she has not said that wbeforeore’.

My All

Despite everything, Sasha-Ann has been a fearless, robust little girl. It’s not easy for me as an adult to wake up at 5 AM to prepare for the day. So I can’t imagine how it has been for a 5-year-old who has been on this journey since she was two years old. Not once has she gotten herself in trouble. She just made things easy for me. She trusted me and said, ‘Mummy, I Got You’.

What’s Next?

Well, we celebrate! This year has been filled with success, left, right, centre, everywhere. I finally feel I have gained my life back. In the last three years, I have worked hard to get to where I am now. It took a lot of courage, determination, strength and sacrifice. The world is ruthless, and you have to be brutal x 2 to get you to want. I want to use this opportunity to say a big thank you to those who have supported my daughter and me.

Was It All Worth It?

All I wanted was a good life for my daughter and me. And that’s what I got. As a single mum with disabilities and a health condition, I would do anything to provide for my daughter. So yes, it was worth it.

I hope you enjoyed that.

Talk soon

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  • Alexandra

    That really sounds amazing! And I totally understand the guilt. I struggle with that all the time. And I so wish I could see more of my younger kids’ development as well. What makes it even harder, I’m finding, is working from home. Because when I had an actual physical place to go to for work they seemed to be able to handle that better than me having to be at my desk working. They seem to feel like I’m ignoring them moreso when I work this way. Guilt doesn’t make it any easier as well. The mom-guilt.

  • The Sunny Side Lifestyle Co.

    Congratulations for a successful year! Know that as moms, there is always ‘mom guilt’. Whether you are a working mom or a stay at home mom you always wonder if your children would be better off if you did the opposite. We are all just trying our best and hoping we raise happy, healthy productive children. Cheers to 2020 being another positive year.

  • Britt

    Congratulations on all you have done this year. Looking back, she’s not going to remember that she had to get up early, she’s going to remember that you did what was necessary in order to provide for her and care for it. That’s what matters!

  • Scott J DeNicola

    Congratulations on a successful year! It’s always nice when you can look back and see a positive change. I wish there was an easier way for you to not have to work but so many are in the same boat as you and it’s unfortunate. It seems as though you have no worries about Sasha though! May 2020 bring you continued happiness.

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