Launch Of School Screener for Schools
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Launch Of Schoolscreener For Schools

Launch Of Schoolscreener For Schools. Hello everyone, I hope you are well. In today’s post, I will be sharing a press release on the launch of Schoolscreener for Schools. SchoolScreener for Schools is an innovative solution developed by Thomson Screening that aims to tackle vision and hearing-related barriers to learning in students. This powerful tool is now available for state and private schools to help identify students struggling with these issues and provide them with the necessary support and resources. With SchoolScreener for Schools, educators can ensure that every student has the best chance to succeed academically and reach their full potential.

Launch Of Schoolscreener For Schools

SchoolScreener for Schools has been developed by Thomson Screening, a world leader in easy-to-use, accurate screening systems with in-built reporting. It is specifically designed to allow any staff member, without clinical knowledge, to quickly check children, thus helping support inclusion by ensuring every student has the same opportunities to learn and develop socially during their school years.

Initially developed by Thomson Screening for use by the NHS, SchoolScreener has long been used by NHS nurses to screen children for various health markers, including vision and hearing. Still, until now, it has not been available directly to the school.

Although schools are keen to ensure students’ wellbeing, regular checking can involve much extra work that staff don’t have the time for. Yet, studies are identifying an epidemic of short-sightedness due to increased screen time and the impact of extensive headphone use on children’s hearing (both increases due, in part, to COVID-19).
SchoolScreener for Schools was developed specifically to allow any staff member (no clinical knowledge is necessary) to use the system with just 30 minutes of online training. Schools do not need to worry about extra work. Administration, including reporting for parents and schools, is automated.

NHS Vision and Hearing Screening

Although primary schools often benefit from NHS vision and hearing screening (many using SchoolScreener), this is not universal and is only available at Reception. However, children’s vision and hearing can continue to change well into their teens. So, checking children as they develop to ensure undiagnosed vision or hearing problems do not affect learning, behaviour, or social development is essential.

It has been shown repeatedly that children with undetected vision or hearing challenges do less well at school, and their learning outcomes and future can be severely affected. By checking children over seven, hearing and vision challenges can be detected and addressed, and learning outcomes can be improved. Disruptive behaviour in schools has also been linked to undetected vision and hearing issues, so checking helps everyone: the child, the school, and fellow students.

How Does It Work?

SchoolScreener for Schools is a variant for schools of Thomson’s Screening’s SchoolScreener software used by NHS staff at Reception age. Schools can purchase directly from Thomson Screening. Prices start from £250.00 per annum. Thomson Screening will provide training. The school can then arrange to check children, as required, with the system automating everything, including reporting results to carers and teachers.

Multi-Academy Trusts can also receive automated trust-wide anonymised reporting. Anonymised data is also available for SLT and OFSTED Welfare reporting.
Thomson Screening provides support and is always on hand to answer questions. It is also highly recommended that all students are tested when they arrive at secondary school so that schools can identify children who require further assessment by a local Optometrist or their GP.

SchoolScreener for Schools screens for colour impairment, which is not currently part of the NHS screening programme. Colour impairment affects nearly 5% of the UK population (nearer 8% in boys), and although colour impairment cannot be corrected or cured, knowing that a child has an impairment enables teachers and parents to mitigate the impact on learning.

SchoolScreener for Schools is now available directly from Thomson Screening.

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Thomson Screening is the leading software supplier for Vision and Hearing Screening and other School Health Needs, including Health/Risk Assessments, Immunisations, Height/Weight and associated data management. The company was founded in 2011 by City, University of London, and further develops and commercialises the work of Professor David Thomson, for 25 years head of Department at the University’s Department of Optometry and Dr Sebastian Hendricks, Consultant at Great Ormond Street Hospital in Paediatric Audiovestibular Medicine.
Thomson Screening’s products address healthcare, education, and workplace needs worldwide, with the software managing over 3 million screenings. Customers include the NHS in the UK, non-profit organisations in the USA and NGOs in developing countries.


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