Letter To My Younger Self

Letter to my younger self. Hey everyone, I hope you are well. In today’s post, I will be writing a letter to my younger self. Do you see this young lady in the picture above? She has been through hell back and forth ever since she was born. Where do I start with her story? Let’s just get to the letter

Letter To My Younger Self

Dear Sonia,

First of all, let me start by congratulating you on how far you have come and achieved. You are one of the strongest young beautiful women I know. You are happy and healthy. Sonia, your life has been a long journey. All dreams are coming true. Everything is going to be alright. Might not seem like it, but everything will be a clear picture as you grow older. You will overcome them and become stronger. Those things are not true.

Those bullies and people who you thought were beautiful, smarter than you turned out they were just jealous of your courage. I don’t blame you – you are disabled, deaf with your right arm amputated, of course, they would want to take advantage. And oh boy they tried. Now, you see them on the streets, getting themselves into drugs etc. Instead of feeling angry about what they did to you, you feel pity.

Growing up you’ve always wanted to have a huge group of friends, well that has not happened – I don’t think it ever will. Good news though, you have 3 most important people in your life. Those ‘sorry your application for the position was unsuccessful.’ letters will stop. You will get a job in one of the biggest supermarket in the United Kingdom – Sainsbury’s. You’ve always dreamt of being a mother, guess what you will have a beautiful daughter.

The only advice that I would give is, do not let anything that has happened to you in the past get in the way of your future or stop you from living.

Yours Sincerely

29 Year Old Sonia Seivwright

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