Living with Joy

Living with Joy. Hey everyone, I hope you are well. In today’s post, I will be sharing my thoughts on Living with Joy. I think we can all agree that living with joy can sometimes be a challenge. When things appear to be going against our will, we tend to experience this as pain, suffering, or that we’re having a bad day. Recognising that we control our feelings and choose to live in joy or fear is the first step to creating a life full of joy and positivity.

Living with Joy

We all need to acquire one principle: seeing all situations, people, and events from a positive perspective.  Instead of viewing bad things in life as a prompt to get upset and angry, try to view the “bad things” as lessons that are helping you grow, allowing you to become as a whole of an individual as possible.  We often think that the outer world, the physical reality, is creating our day, causing us to be sad or unhappy; however, it is the opposite.  We start our day, and we make the circumstances for joyous living.

The most important lesson is that “beingness” precedes experiences.  To be happy, we first need to “be happy” inside. This internal happiness radiates outward through every cell of our bodies and creates the outer experience of a smile, or a laugh, or an intimate connection between two people.  In this “beingness”, we can see and choose our feelings, desires, goals, and dreams, enabling us to manifest an outer reality based on our true selves.


We create the reality in which we experience joy, anger, love, and fear.  Because we have the ability, the free will, to choose our existence, we can make that conscious choice to try to be happier, more grateful, and more sensitive.  This happiness, though, will never come if you are looking outside of yourself first.  We just learned that to be happy, we have to have the internal feeling of happiness to create that happiness in our daily lives.   Remember that your beliefs about reality create your experience of it.

So, start changing your negatives into positives, gain clarity, and open your heart by looking inside yourself.  When we start changing ourselves from the inside out, the universe will respond to us in ways we could never imagine.  The ability to start manifesting your goals and dreams is already inside of you. Leap to begin living in joy today.

I hope you enjoyed that.

Talk soon.

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