Making everyday a special day

Making Everyday A Special Day

Making everyday a special day. Hey everyone, I hope you are well. In today’s post, we are all about making every day a special day in 2021. Guys, can you believe we are starting a whole new 365 days within a couple of hours? I honestly can’t believe it. I am very excited that we are moving on from 2020. The year has been life-changing – I think that’s the right word to describe it.

Making Everyday A Special Day

The same sun, the same sky, the same home, and the same routine:

  • Life is boring
  • Every day is the same.

How to carry on from day today? Why does a week not have seven Sundays? Don’t you find yourself saying – ‘I want to enjoy life? I am getting bored with my schedule. That never changes. There is no excitement in my life.’ Ask a few friends around their life, and they will say something similar. Why is life becoming a bore for them, and how do you make it exciting?

Can one escape work? No sensible person can? Can a parent stop caring for their children? No. Can an executive stop take decisions? No. Then how to make life exciting? There must be some way. Yes, there is a way, and it is effortless. Just look out of your window and watch the sky. Do you observe any clouds? Look at them. Look at the different shapes? Who made them? From where did they arrive and where will they go? Look at some flowers in your home. Observe the symmetry. Touch and feel the softness. How lovely! Treasures surround us, but we have no time to look at them. A child’s smile can make today a different day than any other day. Try to make a child smile and feel the joy.

Look at the night sky.

Observe the stars and think about the distances. Some are so far away that it takes light, hundreds of years, to reach us. How many millions of years you will take to walk and achieve them? What is beyond them? Observe, think and get excited. Life need never be dull for any of us. Take another example. While sitting on your table, have you ever wondered about the wood used to make it? Have you thought about the life of the tree? A tiny seed grew into a gigantic tree.

How Exciting.

What of the tar on the road?

It comes from deep inside the earth, goes to refineries and is laid in the streets.

How deep must the oil well have been? How did they locate the oil, and what will happen after we finish all the oil?

The world is full of objects that can make us think and wonder.

It is our attitude that makes our life.

If we adopt a child-like attitude towards things, we will bring joy back in life.

I am not asking you to give up your work and enjoy it. But find time during the day to look at things and wonder. Bring joy back in your life.

You can begin right now.

Look at your screen.

What happens to the text after you shut down your computers?

Where do they all go when you close the browser?

Isn’t life full of excitement?

Live it.

Living my life in 2021

I plan to live my best life in 2021 altogether. Work hard but spend time with family more. Get my health back on track: fewer worries, less stress. No negativity. I also would love to create my own family with more children, and I am making every day a special day this year because, once again, God has kept my family and me safe. May I use this opportunity to thank my readers for all your support in the past year? All of you have kept me going this past year. I would also like to advise you all to take in every moment you have with your loved ones, keep doing what you do and remember, ‘Success is just a matter of time.

Happy New Year

Talk soon.



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