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Meet Kitty Kalman CEO Of High Converting Funnels

Meet Kitty Kalman, CEO of High Converting Funnels. Hello everyone, I hope you are well. I would like you to Meet Kitty Kalman, CEO of High Converting Funnels, in today’s post. I was very excited when Kitty responded to my interview request on Facebook. And I could not wait to hear more about her and her outstanding business.

Meet Kitty Kalman, CEO of High Converting Funnels

Hello Kitty, it is a pleasure to interview you. Tell me something important about yourself?

Hello Sonia, Thank you for the opportunity! 🙂

Important, hm. I’m a mom and a wife and a business owner and travel, culture, culinary lover, gym goer… We had a chance to travel for about two years before my son was born, and as soon as we could, we would love to show the world to him.

What has inspired you to start High Converting Funnels?

We always wanted to start our own business, and this was so straightforward, as we have been helping fellow business owners to create their businesses and help them with the technical side of things.

My husband is a CRM developer, and I come from the corporate consulting and risk management, the insurance world. So we merged our skills, and here we go.

We help business owners automate their businesses as much as possible to experience life outside of their business while it’s running smoothly without them micromanaging it. Getting a life where you have evenings, weekends, family time, self-care, do some hobbies, all the things most small and medium-sized business owners cannot allow themselves to do. Even big companies want to grow, but for what price. If items are not in place, growth and even daily business management are pretty painful and time-consuming.

I understand that Funnels are becoming more popular these days. Would you please share how people will benefit from it?

On the buyer side, you can quickly understand the “value ladder”, complete offerings a business has for you. You can still decide to buy or not to buy as you follow the steps preset in the funnel.

From the business’ perspective, you can attract your ideal clients with suitable lead magnets and guide them through your offerings and your perfect customer lifecycle. Then, you can sell them on the spot as you build up the trust inside of your funnel.

Also, we have to mention the funnels’ backend, as they are as important as the front end.
When you have the automation in place, like delivering the product or service they purchased and nurture them, also provide messages when they leave the cart abandoned to direct them back to the offeror segment them based on their interests, then you will be able to send the right message at the right time to the right people. Usually, this means a massive increase in the income made in the front end and a longer customer lifecycle where you can sell more to your contacts even later.

What makes High Converting Funnels stand out from others?

We are trustworthy. We won’t take that job if we don’t believe in something or cannot do it. If we see that an idea is not good according to our experiences, we will tell you.

Also, we do not just build beautifully designed funnels, but we are powerful at the backend automation, email deliverability, integrations and strategy. Our copywriters are also world-class writers.

Kitty Kalman

What challenges do you have as a mum and a wife while running a successful business?

Ah, balance. It doesn’t exist still. But, I’m working on it to automate our repetitive tasks as much as possible. I think I’m learning that less is sometimes more, and putting on myself extra stress – which has never been pushed on me by others – is completely unnecessary. So, I’m learning to recognise when I happen to do this to myself—for example, putting the phone away when I’m with my son and my husband. Especially when I’m with my husband, it’s a bit tricky as we work together. We have to set boundaries for our business and give time to ourselves. That’s the ultimate goal of many fampreneurs, to have a company that supports their family lifestyle. In the process, it is essential not to get lost in the business building and forget about the main reason we started – now talking about the personal reasons.

How do you stay motivated in your business?

My husband is a big motivation for me. I love working with him. He is truly inspiring with how he sees things. I love the results and completed jobs we deliver to our clients. I permanently save their testimonials to look at them in more challenging times. I have a peer group where we support each other and root for each other, called The Social Clique by Rachel Pedersen. It’s a VIP coaching led by Rachel, where we get so much I can’t even tell in a week.

Also, being motivated doesn’t generate success in the long run. We have to be disciplined and do the work even when we are not feeling like it.

What do you do for self-care?

I sleep. Yes. I know it’s obvious, but I take this seriously. If I have to sleep, I sleep. I love to go running – I have an online running coach who helps me. I’m surprised by how easy it is for me to run with my son. I go to the gym, lift weights and visit the sauna and steam room for 10 minutes. I could dash out from there, but that 10-15 minutes add so much extra to my life. Also, I do stretch after exercises.

I declutter. I started decluttering in January and got inspired by the Minimalist Guys. Then, by god-incidence, I bumped into Star Hansen, who is a declutter whisperer. I don’t think we are a pure mess at our home, but I have a goal to be decluttered and become minimalist entirely, which takes effort. It’s deep emotional stuff to deal with. The more things I’m getting rid of, the more life I have. This means more energy and more time as well. I could talk about this forever.

Also, I do meditate in the morning to set the day right.

And they are present, spending time with those around me instead of being a dead walker tied to the screen on the phone. These things make me feel alive.

I am sure some aspiring Entrepreneurs are reading this. What advice would you give them?

Listen to and follow your gut feelings, and listen to those who have achieved what you want to achieve. Also, choose one person with that who you resonate well. Otherwise, you will get confused.

Also, set your boundaries up with your business initially and stick to them.
Then, train your clients to play within these boundaries.

And self-care is first. We are all imperfectly perfect—no need to chase perfection. Just be better one step at a time.

Can you advise the audience on how to support each other during the Global Pandemic?

I guess some fundamental things are the same. Suppose you cannot meet in person, set up at least a live call to listen to another human being and support each other. Keep up at least with the online social life. Surround yourself with positive and like-minded people. And don’t waste too much time on social media. And listen to your feelings. Even if the news looks interesting, if it makes you depressed, sad, and keeps thinking about it and not taking action on making that thing or situation better, it’s not the best place to hang out.

Last but not least, do you have any questions for me?

What inspired you to create these blog-style interviews, and why blogs? It looks inspiring. 🙂

My Response:

Thank you for the question, Kitty. It started as an idea to support women in business back in January 2021, and now I’m interviewing my 10th woman in business. Due to the pandemic, I noticed businesses were closing down, so I decided to use my blog to support. I enjoy blogging because it is much easier for me to communicate through writing. It is inspiring how the interviews have gone, and it has done more than its purpose.

I want to say a huge Thank you to Kitty for participating in the interview.

I wish her all the best.

For more information, be sure to check out HC Funnels Portfolio:






I hope you enjoyed that.

Talk soon.

Working with Strong women, I help empower women not to give up on their goals and find true happiness within themselves. #lifestyle #womenempowerment #selfcare


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