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Meet Music Tutor Emma Nottage

Meet Music Tutor Emma Nottage. Hello everyone, I hope you are well. In today’s post, I would like you to meet music tutor Emma Nottage. Emma is a private one-to-one online music tutor for adults and children. She is also an upcoming Author and Life Coach. I was very excited when Emma responded to my request on Facebook. And I couldn’t wait to hear more about her.

Meet Music Tutor Emma Nottage

Hello Emma, it is a pleasure to interview you. What inspired you to become a Music Tutor?

Music has always been a part of my life. My parents always sang to us as children and mum also played the piano. We always had the radio on or listened to records.  My older brother enjoyed listening to his rock music, and my elder sister played the clarinet. I started learning the recorder and the piano in primary school and then the French horn and voice in secondary school. I studied music at university and also qualified as a primary school teacher.

Although I have been very successful in my musical journey, it could not have been. Hence, when I was in primary school, I had an audition to play the guitar but was denied that opportunity as the teacher made a snap decision that I could not hold the instrument correctly. I remember feeling entirely down about this at the time, and it could have stopped me in my tracks, but I did not let it.

Now I have come full circle as I learnt to play the guitar during my teacher training year, and it is now one of the instruments that I teach to adults and children. I became a music tutor because I wanted to enable others to experience the joy of music. Many adults have negative memories of music lessons or unresolved musical dreams due to someone saying something to put them off. I see it as my mission to help replace those memories with new, more fun, and joyous musical experiences.

What is your Method and Style of Music?

I mainly teach music from the Western classical tradition and folk music, pop music, jazz and sometimes world music.

When do you think it is the right time to hire a Music Tutor?

If you are looking for a music tutor for your child, waiting until at least five years old is best. You also make sure that your child has a definite interest in learning an instrument or developing their singing voice.

Suppose you are an adult who has been trying to teach yourself through a self-help book or by watching videos on YouTube. In that case, I think that these can only get you so far and that you need to move on to hiring an actual music tutor who can either teach you personally online or face-to-face. A book or YouTube cannot correct your mistakes or give you helpful feedback about your playing/singing.

You also have a Book coming up. Would you please share what the book is about and what do you hope to achieve from it?

Yes, I have just become a best-selling published author as the collaborative book ‘The Elevation of the Femalepreneur Vol.3’ was launched on Amazon last week in its ebook form and has already topped the charts in several categories in four countries. My chapter is all about resilience in life and business and features elements from my childhood, faith and musical journeys.

This opportunity has exposed my work to a broader audience and increased the credibility of my business. I am also in the process of writing my first non-fiction/self-help book, all about ‘Music and how it relates to our health’. I want this book to help people understand how music can support and strengthen their health, and I also see it as a way to promote myself as the ‘go-to’ expert in online music teaching and mental health.

What are the challenges that you have while running a successful business?

It can sometimes be hard to manage time effectively, so you need to block out your time for each specific activity in your life and business.  Also, when you start a business as a solo entrepreneur, you need to wear lots of different ‘hats’ to run other parts of your business, such as admin, finances and delivering your service.

Emma Nottage


How do you stay motivated in your business?

My music students motivate me, especially when they have ‘light bulb moments’ and suddenly breakthroughs in self-belief and musical skill. I love being able to help them achieve their musical dreams. That is what lights me up. Receiving great testimonials from them is also very encouraging and spurs me on continuing to serve them to the best of my ability.

What do you do for self-care?

I walk with my husband in the beautiful countryside here in North Devon, and I enjoy online Pilates and ballet fitness classes.

I am sure some aspiring Music Tutors are reading this. What advice would you give them?

If you desire to share your musical skills with people and encourage others to develop theirs, I would be brave and go for it. Step out of the boat!

Can you advise the audience on how to support each other during the Global Pandemic?

Be kind to one another and watch out for one another. Make connections with like-minded people online or in-person if guidelines allow it. If you are feeling in a low state of mind, it has been proven that listening to just twenty minutes of your favourite kind of upbeat music can turn that mood into a much more positive one. So making music is very good for our mental health, so listening to music or creating and performing music with your friends and loved ones would be a great thing to do at this time.

Last but not least, do you have any questions for me?

I just wondered if you have ever learnt to play a musical instrument or to sing? If not, what one would you choose and why?

My Response:

My mum is an artist. As a little girl, I was in a church choir, which introduced me to singing. I loved it so much and started dreaming of becoming a singer one day. I also had a flute and enjoyed annoying my little brother with it. If I could learn any instrument right now, that would be a Piano. It is better to have at least two skills. If I could sing and play the piano simultaneously, that would be fun. I might be the next Alicia Keys. My daughter would be interested to learn singing as she sings a lot in the house.

I want to say a huge Thank You to Emma for this interview.

If you are interested in learning music, please get in touch with Emma Nottage:



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I hope you enjoyed that.

Talk soon

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