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Meet Randa Zaid CEO Of Hayaty

Meet Randa Zaid CEO Of Hayaty. Hello everyone, I hope you are well. In today’s post, I would like you to meet Randa Zaid, CEO of Hayaty. Hayaty is a new vegan skincare brand inspired by the wisdom of Ancient Egyptian beauty formulas. Using organic, natural, cruelty-free ingredients sourced from local communities in Egypt and Italy, Hayaty is genderless, organic, 100% natural, vegan, fair trade and cruelty- and GMO-free. And 2% of each purchase is donated to charitable organisations in Egypt, Italy, and the UK.

Meet Randa Zaid CEO Of Hayaty

Hello Randa, It Is A Pleasure To Interview You. Tell Me Something Important About Yourself

My name is Randa Zaid, I am 29 years old, and I am an experienced serial entrepreneur in the fields of hospitality, tourism and recent cosmetics as the current founder and CEO of Hayaty Natural. A clean, genderless, vegan, all-natural, organic, cruelty-free skincare startup inspired by Ancient Egyptians’ self-care rituals. I hold a degree in cultural heritage from the Catholic University of Milan. And I am currently based in the UK, and I was born in Egypt and raised in Italy.

I love remaining true to my roots when developing brands. And I advocate for increasing awareness of diversity in the workspace. I talk about body positivity after healing from an eating disorder.

What Inspired You To Start Your Business?

When COVID-19 hit the world, I became mindful of the importance of safe and beneficial ingredients s. I pursued a healthier lifestyle and ended years of struggle with eating disorders and self-image.

Being very passionate about history and inspired by my ancestors, the pharaohs, and to go back to basics. Plus, I was adopting a more natural, minimalistic approach to self-ca e. I started researching Ancient Egyptians’ approach to beauty, ingredients, and ancient secret formulas.

What surprised me was that beauty was more than only an aesthetic aspect for them. It was about taking care of their souls and bodies.

They adopted a holistic approach where the physical, emotional, social and spiritual well-being was considered so that our body could function as a whole.

They had strong beliefs about the body’s natural self-healing processes. It was essential to use natural ingredients to support this process instead of being aggressive or looking for quick fixes to any concern.

Considering that they lived in a very challenging climate, one of their biggest concerns was how to take care of and protect their biggest organ, the skin.

They used some of the first recorded “cosmetics” made from rich formulas using medicinal botanicals such as Black Seed, Lupin oil and Fenugreek oil, among others, to protect and help the skin recover and allow it to remain healthy.

After adopting and using these ingredients and seeing how much of a difference they have made in my li e. How much they have helped me in my healing journey. I decided to bring it to life and share it with a larger audience to create a community that believes natural beauty is more than just fitting into society’s standards. One that believes in adopting a holistic approach uses self-care to look good from the outside and feel good from with n. As part of our holistic approach to life, we donate 2% of each purchase to one of the charity organisations we have partnered with.

What Services Do Your Business Provide?

We offer natural, organic, vegan, genderless, and halal skincare products.

How Do You Stay Motivated In Your Business?

I always remind myself of why I started this business and my journey. My purpose is to help others, the charities we support, and how much of a difference this can make in other people’s lives.

What Challenges Do You Face The Most?

Starting with a small budget is very challenging. However, with time, I have begun to see it as a positive thing because you learn how to be cost-effective and constantly learn new skills to get the job done.

How Do You Handle The Challenges Along With Family Life?

I live in the UK by myself, and my family lives in Italy, so this allows me to have all my focus on my business. However, I always commit to staying in contact with them dai y, being present as much as possible when they need me, and asking for support when I need it.

What Do You Do For Self-Care?

I always work out and do my daily skincare and body-care routines, which are sacred moments where I can disconnect from the outside world and connect with my boy. Those are a must.

Depending on how I feel, I always do something extra to boost my mood that day—for example, going out for dinner with a friend, eating my favourite chocolate, or gossiping with my sister over the phone.

Any time I spend doing something unrelated to work or any other commitment, I always look at it as pampering, taking care of myself, and making me happy.


I Am Sure Some Aspiring Entrepreneurs Are Reading Th s. What Advice Would You Give Them?

  1. Be compassionate with yourself, and be aware that it is okay not having all the answers all the ti e. It is okay to make mistakes, learn, improve and gr w. Being an entrepreneur is a journey and a process.
  2. Don’t always wait for the right or the perfect moment. Sometimes, you need to go for it, even if you don’t feel 100% ready.
  3. Believe in your idea, but be open to suggestions and feedback as long as they are not taking you away from your vision.

Can You Advise The Audience On Supporting Each Other During The Global Pandemic?

The Pandemic made us realise how important it is to support and look after each other and mostly about being kind to each other.

Always try to help when and where you c n. A small gesture can make a big difference in someone’s day or life.

Last But Not Least, Do You Have Any Questions For Me?

I would love to know what made you start your blog.

Thank you for sending this interview acro s. I enjoyed answering your questions.

My Response

Thank you for the question, Randa.

I am a young woman who has overcome many life obstacles. I was first introduced to blogging in 2017 when I boldly decided to return to college to further my education as a single mum. During that time, I had alot of ‘How did I get here moments, and I realised that I had alot to share. During the blogging research, I noticed many young single mothers struggled to face the reality of being single mothers. So I created the blog to share my story and hopefully inspire other young women who find my content relatable.

I want to say a huge ‘Thank You to Randa for this interview.

I wish her all the best.

Check out Hayaty Here:





I hope you enjoyed that.

Talk Soon

Working with Strong women, I help empower women not to give up on their goals and find true happiness within themselves. #lifestyle #womenempowerment #selfcare


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