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My Experience Renting An Apartment

My Experience Renting An Apartment. Hey everyone, I hope you are well. I will share five things to know before renting an apartment in today’s post. Grow Property proudly sponsors this post. Grow Property is a real estate search engine specialising in finding a property based in England. Their services include an auction, buying, selling and renting. I have been living at my rented Property for almost two years now. And I would like to share five things I have learnt from renting.

My Experience Renting An Apartment


Before looking for an apartment, I had to set up a budget based on my monthly income and expenses, and I also devised a way to save money while living in the apartment. Like me, you will have to work out what sort of Property you can afford, whether that’s one of these low-cost units that are easier to maintain or a little more luxurious.

Do not rent a £1000 per month apartment because you earn £2500 per month unless it comes with a good package deal. Instead, you’d rent an apartment between £500 – £800 a month based on a £2500 per month income. You must remember that other bills must be paid to keep your home running every month.


When I searched for a property, I looked for something closer to my daughter’s school and a safe neighbourhood. I also wanted easy access to public transport and shops. Getting to know your potential new property’s location and spending time there first is essential. As I wanted to be as prepared as possible, I researched several websites that allowed you to search for rentals. For example, if you are in the UK, my friend told me that a site like is an excellent place to start. But if you happen to live in the US or Canada, online resources similar to and are great sites to consider too. Of course, you will have to do your research depending on where you live and where you want to move to. Also, don’t forget to visit the local café and shops, and chat with the people there. This way, you can understand the community and people before moving.

Fully Furnished or Unfurnished or Part-Furnished

While searching for an apartment, deciding whether you want a fully furnished, unfurnished, or part-furnished apartment is vital. Fully furnished is more expensive, while unfurnished is the cheapest. However, if you bring your furniture and then take it with you at the end of the lease, some Landlord lets you leave them if it’s still in good condition.


Mind you; this is my first time renting a private property. I had lived in a local agency apartment, student accommodation and a secure government apartment. These apartments have different deals and protocols to get them. I will explain more in an upcoming post.

Honestly, I couldn’t believe how simple the application was. I found the apartment on the agency website and called to arrange a viewing appointment. After viewing, I had to apply and wait for a response from the Landlord. There was someone else interested in the Property. I panicked and offered to pay higher than the rent arrangement. It took a week or two, and then my agent called to let me know my application was successful. I was very excited and wanted to move on the same day.


I had to pay one month’s rent and a deposit to secure the Property. I took a lease of 5 years, but I recommend you take a lease of 1 year first and see how it goes. In my case, I already loved the apartment, and I had already decided how long I would like to stay there. Five years is not a long time at all. I have already been here for two years, three years left.

Our Apartment

Renting a private property as a single parent on a low income is a big deal. The fact that I could find an apartment that perfectly fits my situation was Godsent. I wanted an apartment with two bedrooms, a living room, a bathroom with a shower over the bath, a separate kitchen, and a hallway. I also wanted a ground-floor apartment, and I hoped it would be a fully furnished apartment. And I found the perfect size apartment for just me and my daughter. We even have a garden and car park open to all residents living on the block. I love my apartment.

If you are searching for a new home in England, please get in touch with Grow Property. They will help you find your dream home.

I hope you enjoyed the post.

Talk soon.

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