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My Quarantine Reflection

My Quarantine Reflection. Hey everyone, I hope you are all well. In today’s post, I thought I would do a quarantine reflection. I have been self-isolation for like 3 weeks now and I am loving it. At first, I was a bit worried and uncomfortable about staying at home because I have always been out and about in the last couple of years. I felt I would not be able to cope during staying at home. However, everything starts with your mindset. So having a positive mindset is very crucial for all of us particularly during this Quarantine.

My Quarantine Reflection

Before the Lockdown

Before the lockdown was announced, everyone was panicking and going groceries shopping etc. I was still working and broke. This was getting me worried because the shelves were getting empty and I did not have food in the house for the Lockdown. By the time I was ready for shopping, the stores were empty. There was no bread, toilet rolls, etc. I was so worried that we would go hungry at home. Then I heard the shops will still be open and there will be some restocked items in the stores. I was thankful to hear that as it means I can still go to the shops when I run out of food.

Scotland Lockdown Announcement

3 weeks ago, Scotland’s First Prime Minister, Nichola Sturgeon, announced the Lockdown for Scotland. All Schools were to close, and I was getting a bit worried about childcare for daughter because I had not heard from anything from my employer as to whether or we are still open for business.

When my Employer sent an email to let me know that the office was closed, I had mixed feelings about it. One part, I was like ‘okay, at least I can stop stressing about childcare and all I need to do now is to wait till I get paid and go grocery shopping.’ And the other, ‘Nooo, what I’m I going to do at home, Sasha-ann will be driving me insane with her demands at home. ‘

I had more time in my hand now, so I went groceries shopping and took my extensions off. If I’m not going anywhere, I might as well be comfortable at home.


Sasha is being homeschooled now. The school have set up a digital learning program where the teachers provide some exercises for the children to do and upload when completed so it can be marked by the teachers. I think this is a very good idea, otherwise, I wouldn’t know what to do.  However, homeschooling has ended for now because it is the Easter holidays.

Hows Sasha-Ann coping?

Before the lockdown, the school was already aware of the virus and the children were told about what’s going on and given safety instructions to wash their hands more regularly. Sasha already understood what was going on. However, in the first week of the Lockdown, she was very uncomfortable.

She kept asking to go to school, she woke up one morning and got dressed in her school uniform to go to school. I was very sad because I have to explain to her again about why she can’t go to school. I did not know what to say or how to react. She said she misses her friends and her teachers. It’s funny because when it was a normal school day, she didn’t want to go to school and now she wants to go to school and I am telling her the school is close. I hugged her and ensure everything will be alright and soon she’ll be able to see her friends again.

Quarantine 3 weeks Later

Currently, I am loving staying at home. Sleep and wake up whenever you want, although I try to continue with my normal morning and nighttime routine. I have realized that ever since I moved to my new apartment in November 2019, I have not had the time to sit and enjoy my apartment due to my busy lifestyle.

Now, I am enjoying watching Sky tv, Netflix, YouTube and I joined Disney+ app. And there’s food in the house. So that’s all my favourite tv shows and movies set up and the house is super clean. As I have more time in my hands to tidy up and work on my cooking skills too.

I became a Self-published Author with my 1st ever E-book Self-Care For Single Parents, which was successfully published on Amazon. I just can’t explain how excited I am to see my dream come to reality like there are no words. Just seeing my name on a book is mind-blowing. I am currently working on a new project, which I can’t talk about right now – so stay tuned. For social, my close friends and I set up a group chat on Facebook, where we chat every day about anything.  That helps because they ones who I can’t lie to because you know they know you know they know. Do you get me?

My Quarantine Reflection Advice

I know things are very hard to cope at the moment, but please, please, please do whatever you can to keep you and your family safe. I hate the news, I don’t watch it. However, this is a very serious mess going on in right now. Many healthy and unhealthy people have been affected by the virus. I use to think Rich people are untouchable and don’t get sick, but even Celebrities, the Royal family, and Leaders are affected by the virus.

That’s how serious this virus is. Doctors and Nurses are working extremely hard to literally save the world. We can only help by staying indoors to stop the spread of the virus. We do not know how long this pandemic will last for. However, 2020 is not over yet, and we can make it out of this nightmare, together, alive and happy.

I hope you enjoyed the post.

Let me know in the comment what are the amazing things you have done within the past 3 weeks of Quarantine. How do you feel about the whole pandemic?

Stay home and Stay Safe

Talk Soon.

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  • Erica (The Prepping Wife)

    Life during the lockdown certainly has its ups and downs for me. I’ve only had one major meltdown so far. But we are allowed to go out, provided we stay 6 feet away from anyone else. Grocery shopping is hit and miss, but that’s become the new normal. Overall, it isn’t as bad as I had expected.

  • Debra A

    I 100% agree with you on enjoying staying home. Oddly, I’ve found it liberating in a way. I cannot believe all the things I’m getting done…so many projects that for years, sat here in piles or stuff into closets. Scrapbooks, furniture refinishing, things I want to sell or donate…just a hodgepodge of things put on the back burner finally getting done! Oh, and let me say this, I’m exercising more! I’m cooking more and using up all the stuff that’s been shoved to the back of my pantry! I thought I’d watch some TV, but I really haven’t wanted to. I need to share my quarantine reflections too, but not until these projects are completed!!!

  • Clarice

    Just like you, I love staying at home. This quarantine has provided our family with lots of quality time. It also allowed me to have fun and play around the kitchen since I am no longer swamped with work. 🙂

  • Aliya

    Congratulations, girl on your e-book! Thanks for sharing your reflection with us. It’s great to see how others are coping with the quarantine. Thanks for sharing!

  • Julia

    Quarantine definitely affects people’s lifestyles, but the better we respond and cooperate, the sooner we’ll get out of this lockdown. Stress and panic never helped anyone, have they?

    There is no need to panic. However, for those who didn’t have an emergency fund – this is a merciless reminder that when everything goes normally, creating an emergency fund must be the top priority.

    As for my family… I still work on my online business.
    I used to drive my adult son, who is a blind & autistic musician, to his activities – sport, dance, music classes, his music gigs. That has stopped, and for him staying home is very difficult as he feels useless. I’m now helping my son to share his music with people via the YouTube channel. I won’t spam your post with his link, but his channel is not commercial and if you and your followers could subscribe, it’ll make him happy… his name is Santon, he is a pianist (classical, jazz, tango), and his channel is Santon Music.

    My husband lost his job last week due to COVID-19, but we did have an emergency fund and should be okay during these difficult times. However, two of us don’t have health insurance anymore as I was on his policy, and I need my prescription medication. 🙁 That’s a bit of a problem, but I’m sure we’ll find the solution. Our son has Social Security benefits – so, he still has medical coverage, which is a big relief.

    No matter what happens, panic is the worst thing one can do during a stressful situation. The only reason we ran out of toilet paper, food, and other supplies was people’s panic.

    I’m glad to hear that you’re coping up better now and Sasha is occupied with her schoolwork online. I wish you, your little girl, and your readers to be well and stay calm and safe.

    Warm wishes,

    ~ Julia

  • jerry godinho

    I do not think this quarantine is easy for anyone especially in a democratic country we are not used to the police, army and politicians telling us what to do. I love your reflections. This is a time for all of us to sit back relax and do some deep introspection as to where we are at in our lives and enjoy what is important. Thanks Sonia for a lovely real and vulnerable piece. Jerry Godinho

  • Ashlee

    This Covid-19 really has been showing up just how seriously we have been taking things for granted. It’s alot to adapt to and hearing how so many have passed from it alone makes me not only makes me more aware of the bad habits I have, but also determined to incorporate much better ones. Staying home with everyone, while being broke and knowing that seemingly menial task – like shopping- are now down after much planning is something else, but I’ve decided to stay positive, use the time to really face myself and improve my mindset.

  • Kat

    Hello from a fellow UK resident! We’re also in lockdown in London, where there have been a huge number of cases, including many people I know – luckily they’ve been okay so far.
    It sounds like you’re really making the best of this difficult time and enjoying the extra time at home. It’s the same for me, I get to work on some projects I never had time for before. Lots of places are also offering free or cheap courses, so it’s an opportunity to learn something new, as well.

  • Ainsley

    The last few weeks haven’t been much different for us. I stay at home with our 9 month old and my husband is still working (essential worker). We have gone on a lot more walks lately because the weather is so nice@

  • Elisa

    As a homeschooling mum, I’m quite used to my kids being around me all day long. The main thing that’s different for us is, of course, not being able to go out and see all of our friends. With the closure of all our favourite museums, parks, meetup groups and activity places shut, our adventures are limited. Thankfully we live opposite a 400 acre park so we’re able to run or cycle every day. We’re social distancing but can’t wait to see (and hug) all of our friends again!

  • Marysa

    We are in our 5th week of quarantine, since Friday March 13. It is interesting how the time passes; how we have gotten used to being at home and it is our new normal for now.

  • Rebecca

    Great reflection.
    It is a good strategy to go into every new challenge with a positive mindset.
    My kids are also lonely and miss school and friends, but we are enjoying the extra time to bond as well.

  • Sarah Emery

    I am so inspired and admire how you have taken advantage of this worrisome time and have turned it into something positive. Congratulations on your Ebook! Well done! I hope you and your daughter continue to stay productive, safe and healthy! Sending much virtual support from Singapore!

  • Tamara

    I’m also starting to appreciate this time at home with everyone. There’s no need to rush anywhere, my husband is always home without the crazy commute, so although things are difficult it’s worth concentrating on the positive. And always remember that this shall pass too!

  • Rella

    We have been locked in since We were discharged from the hospital with our new little one! So we have been soaking up this time with our newborn!

  • Scott DeNicola

    We have been on lockdown for about a month in NY and have at least 2 more weeks to go before they decide if we need to stay inside longer. We are allowed to go to essential businesses like the grocery store or doctor. All nonessential businesses are closed. I’ve worked from home since 2003 so working in my house Is nothing new for me. What’s new for me is having my entire family home all the time. MY oldest is taking her college classes online and my youngest taking her high school classes. My wife is also working from home so it gets a bit crowded. What I do enjoy is having everyone home for dinner. With activities canceled it makes for nice evenings with the family.

  • Jen @ Jenron Designs

    It is a very scare time right now, and I never thought I would in my lifetime see a pandemic like this. You read baou them in history books but you never really think they will happen to you. It is all very surreal .

  • Kimberlie

    Congratulations on publishing your first book. I made working toward that goal currently, so I can only imagine what it feels like. I feel the same that this time has been a blessing and a curse, but I try to focus on the positive side as much as possible.

  • JudyLynn

    I’m with you about the enjoying being at home. I still go into work part-time but the extra time with my family and kids is something I am super grateful for. Being able to eat together as a family is something i cherish. Homeschooling the kids is a little tougher but we are making to work. But I was able to make a mini house out of popsicle sticks that my girls play with every day. Thank you for your post friends and encouraging us to look at the upside of this pandemic.

  • Marta

    I think it’s about perspective, too. Back when the bubonic plague was more common, they’d lock the sufferer in their homes with their entire family and let the plague kill them all. Surely, this is nowhere near as bad as that.

    • Sarah

      Its definitely harder when you have kids! We actually homeschool, but my kids were used to going to the gym most days, and they’re too young to understand why we stopped all of a sudden! And the beach closed which is basically our backyard, and that’s been hard for us too. But I like how you found the positives in it, that’s all we can do right now!

    • Vee

      First off, congratulations on publishing your E-book! 👏🏾 It was nice to get insight on how others are coping with the quarantine around the world. So thank you for sharing. I’m currently working from home. I’m thankful that I can but I also hate bringing “work home”. I hope you and your family stay safe!

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