My Twenty-Nineteen Goals Reflection
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My Twenty-Nineteen Goals Reflection

My Twenty-Nineteen Goals Reflection. Hello everyone, I hope you are well. In this post, I will be sharing my 2019 Goals Reflection. Wow, it’s been a while since I have done a reflection. This is an excellent opportunity to reflect on the year and the successes and challenges you have faced. We hope that this exercise will help you to gain a better understanding of your accomplishments while also providing you with the opportunity to set goals for the future. We wish you the best of luck in the upcoming year and look forward to hearing your reflections. Before I set goals for 2020, I want to look at 2019 and reflect on how strong a young woman I have grown to be.

My Twenty-Nineteen Goals Reflection

My daughter’s 5th Birthday

The year started with my daughter’s 5th Birthday. I was very proud that day. I hosted a party at our apartment, and boy, the preparations were stress full and expensive, but seeing how happy she was and having fun with her friends, made it all worth it.

Dated for seven months

So yes, I was in a relationship for the first time since 2013. I am not saying this was the first time dating since 2013, but it was my first relationship. It was smooth initially but a little uncomfortable. After all, I started getting jealous and a little paranoid because I didn’t want the honeymoon period to be over. However, the break-up was completely unexpected. But I guess we were both unhappy when feelings got in the way.

I got Accepted to HNC Administration at college – Dropped out

2019 was a tremendous Academic year for me. For the first time, I completed and passed the 2nd year and made it to the Higher National Certificate. However, due to circumstances, I had to drop out. I felt depressed at that moment, but it was the most significant achievement in my life to get through to the HNC level. I do have plans to go back to complete the course, but I don’t know when.

I went to Nigeria for the first time in 15 years.

My family and I went home for the summer holidays. I was super excited to be back. The holiday was exceptional because this was the first time seeing my family in 15 years. I enjoyed my time. Sasha-ann had a great time too. I am currently making plans for a holiday in 2020.

My daughter started Primary School.

My daughter and I had returned to the U.K. a little earlier because my daughter was starting School, and I had to prepare her for it. I was so proud of my daughter. She has been doing great since she started. I can see her development, and to be able to witness that makes everything unique.

I got My Dream Job

Yes, baby, I got my dream job. After years of hard work and rejection after rejection, I finally found a company that found faith in me and decided to give me a chance. I couldn’t believe I had gotten the job. I gave Sasha-Ann a colossal hug when I picked her up from school.

Got A New Apartment

There was no better way to finish off such a fantastic year than to get a new apartment. Everything was going so well, and I knew it was time to get a new apartment in a safer environment for my daughter and I I. 2019 was a great year.

Goals Reflection

Did I fulfil my plans in 2019?

Well, you read my previous post, ‘My Goals and Plans for 2019‘, I set a list of everything I wanted to do in 2019:

Save Money

I tried my hardest to save money, but that plan went off because we went on expensive trips and got a new apartment.

Study/Work Hard

Yes, I would say yes, I achieved this goal.

Hangout with friends and family more

Yes, I tried to hang out with family and friends. I attended parties and occasional events with family and friends.

Explore the world with a short break.

Yes, apart from the Nigeria trip. I did take a lot of short breaks across Scotland.

More me-time

Self-care was essential to me. However, a lot went on this year, and I felt there was not enough time to practice it, but taking short breaks with my daughter was a great way to relax and refresh myself.

What lessons have I learned in 2019?

Do not take the people or things that matter to you for granted. I spoke about finding love in 2019. Love is hard, but you must love yourself before you can love someone else. If you love someone, tell them you love them. Please do not leave it or think they might notice it or magically know. I have also learned that life has its way of doing things, and there are some things that, nothing matter how hard we try; we can not control. All we have to focus on is how we react to it. We are all humans with different mindsets and different goals.

Did you achieve your goal?

Let me know in the comment section below.

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