Nation's Favourite Sex Position Revealed Ahead Of Valentines!
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Nation’s Favourite Sex Position Revealed Ahead Of Valentines!

Nation’s Favourite Sex Position Revealed Ahead Of Valentines! Hello everyone, I hope you are well. In today’s post, I will be sharing a press release of a new study from Hana. Hana is a progestogen-only pill (also known as a PoP or the mini pill) and contains the ingredient desogestrel. You take Hana every day, at the same time, with no break between packs. When used correctly, Hana is over 99% effective. A new survey from Hana® – the U.K.’s number one-selling* contraceptive pill available without a prescription – has the inside scoop on the nation’s favourite sex positions. From sex positions to porn, Hana® reveals what people are getting up to in the bedroom.

Research highlights include:

  • 31% of people surveyed said that the missionary position was their favourite sex position
  • 27% of people surveyed said that doggy style was their favourite sex position
  • 52% of people surveyed said that vaginal sex was their favourite type of sex, whilst 19% said that receiving oral sex was their favourite type of sex
  • 52% of people surveyed want to have more sex in a long-term relationship vs a new one
  • 12% have had a threesome or sex involving more than two people at least once, and almost 20% say they would like to have a threesome or group sex
  • 37% of people surveyed like having sex in the evening, whilst 18% like it first thing in the morning before getting up

Nation’s Favourite Sex Position Revealed Ahead Of Valentines!

A new survey by Hana® of over 2,000 women, trans men and non-binary people living in the U.K. has found that missionary sex is the most popular sex position, closely followed by doggy style.

When it comes to sex, women, trans men and non-binary people appear to be going back to basics and favouring missionary (31%) and doggy style (27%) over cowgirl (11%) or spooning (7%).

Nell Grecian, the author of the sex-positive book Woman Up, says:

“Whilst I think it gets a bit of a bad rep for being ‘vanilla’, it makes total sense for a missionary to be the most popular sex position – you’re face-to-face, and the angle is perfect for kissing, eye contact and connecting. It has an intimacy and closeness that surpasses the other positions.”

Nation's Favourite Sex Position Revealed Ahead Of Valentines!

Emma Marsh, Senior Brand Manager at Women’s Health, Perrigo UK, says:

“When discussing contraception, we sometimes get caught up in the severe side of things. Factual information about how our bodies work and how contraception can help prevent unplanned pregnancies. And which methods might suit you, all of which are very important. Yet, if sex education is too focused on the science of prevention, it often overlooks why many people have sex in the first place. For pleasure.

If women and people with uteruses are comfortable asking for what they want and desire regarding sex, they can set boundaries. It can instil confidence in one’s body, in the decisions people make and also, importantly, in the knowledge that they are being safe. This research shows that women and people with uteruses feel confident in themselves. They embrace their sexual desires and are clear about their future ambitions.”

Nation's Favourite Sex Position Revealed Ahead Of Valentines!

The U.K.’s Favourite Sexual Activities

Regarding the type of sex people like to have, over 50% of respondents chose vaginal sex as their favourite type of sex. This is surprising considering the same survey found that just 39% of women, trans and non-binary people orgasm ‘every time’ or ‘regularly’ from penetrative sex, whilst 41% orgasm ‘rarely’ or ‘never’.

Regarding non-penetrative sex, almost 60% orgasm every time or regularly. When asked why they have sex, 71% said they do it to bond with their partners, and 76% do it because they enjoy it. Perhaps this data shows us that orgasm alone is not essential regarding sex.

“People get obsessed with the climax being the ideal end goal of a sexual encounter, but what about pleasure, in general?” says Nell. “Not everyone can achieve an orgasm that easily. If everyone is enjoying themselves and having a good time. Why can’t we take the pressure off, relax and enjoy the moment? This is echoed in the Big Sex Survey statistics – the majority of people with uteruses favour vaginal sex, even though only 9% of them said they orgasm every time through penetration.”

Nation's Favourite Sex Position Revealed Ahead Of Valentines!

What About Pornography?

Pornography has often been criticised for creating unrealistic expectations around sex and objectifying women. Data from Hana® reveals whether women, trans men and non-binary people consume porn and how they feel about it. It revealed that two-thirds of women (67%) think porn sets unrealistic expectations of sex and that 43% of people surveyed watch pornography. The survey also found that a quarter of 18–24-year-old women (24%) believe their sex lives have improved because of porn.

Other Key Stats

  • 76% of people surveyed said they masturbate
  • 26% of people surveyed masturbate a few times a week
  • Over half (60%) of people surveyed have faked an orgasm

The active ingredient in Hana is a synthetic type of female sex hormone, a progestogen called desogestrel. Contraceptive pills containing desogestrel help prevent pregnancy by working primarily to stop ovulation (egg release), which means sperm have nothing to fertilise. It also alters cervical mucus to make it more difficult for sperm to travel to the uterus. Read the Hana package leaflet for more information about the Hana pill and what it is.

Hana is the UK’s no.1 bestselling* mini pill or progestogen-only pill (POP) available without a prescription.

*Verify at:

To purchase Hana, no doctor’s appointment or prescription is required; you must complete a short checklist in pharmacies or online.

It is suitable for many women.

Available in one-month and three-month packs at Boots, Superdrug and independent pharmacies. As well as online (RRP: 1-month pack is £9.95, and a three-month pack is £21.95).

Hana can also be purchased online via As a one-time purchase, the cost of Hana for a 3-month pack is £21.95 (£7.32 a month/26p per day). Standard delivery is £3.95. If you are subscribing to Hana, the cost is £19.75 ( £8.95 per month,/24p per day). Standard delivery is FREE.

For more information, visit:

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